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My pachypodium (hopefully) geayii.

December 5, 2018

Plant was younger than initially thought, roots had a wire mesh around them, not really tip top shape.

Used same potting method as my euphorbia trigona rubra. I expect the leaves to change color sooner or later. Plant was likely in a shady spot, but not for long...

Comments (4)

  • Kara 9b SF Bay Area CA

    That sucks the poor roots had wire mesh around them. I’m sure that was fun getting them loose. Your Pachypodium is nice, and looks like geayii to me. I think because it is young it’s hard to tell the difference between lamerei. I like when stressed the leaves can stand straight up. Don’t you love the silver trunks on some Pachypodiums. I adore Pachypodiums;)!

  • Stefan

    Here is a comparison photo of the 2 plants. The lower one is the older lamerei. Its being rehabed, since it was grown in the dark for a few years (thus the stretchy growth in the middle).

  • Kara 9b SF Bay Area CA

    Oh you can really tell it’s geayi sitting next to the lamerei. I haven’t read a ton on geayi, but it seems that the leaves standing up is a normal thing. Just by looking at a bunch of pics online. My P. lamerei’s leaves have never been vertical. Even in the summer with low water. So I think it’s safe to say it is a geayi. I really like how the leaves do that;). There are some nice pics of older Pachypodium geayi plants online that hopefully are inspirational. Lastly, the leaves look thinner on geayi and yours definitely look thinner than lamerei.

    I like geayi a little more than lamerei if I’m bring completely honest:). Ultimate want Pachypodium for me would be Pachypodium namaquanum;)!

  • Stefan

    I think(my memory may be a tad fuzzy), that seven and a half years ago i saw a pachypodium when i bought my first plant. I think it had thin leaves just like a geayii.

    I took a liking to the plant, but didnt buy it because i was afraid of the poison.....

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