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Need to buy a table for our new home!

Morgan Stulberg
September 15, 2012
We bought an open concept house (modern) with these really nice cupboards (somewhat traditional?). Not only do we have to decide what style to go with (modern or traditional), but we also need to figure out how dark of wood we can go for as the cupboards and floor are so light. We like dark furniture and that seems to dominate the market right now, but would it look okay in this space? We are open to ANYTHING. Thanks all!

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  • patricia hall
    do u already have dark wood furniture that will be in the sight line from your kitchen and dining area?
  • Nancy Hehmann
    The question is do you like the wood of the cabinet? I would change out the pulls to make them more modern. You could use black furniture or think about painting the cabinets which is done a lot.
  • Manon Floreat
    Since your cabinetry is traditional but your style leans towards modern, you could select a traditional farm table and pair it with more transitional chairs and lighting.

    Sylvia Martin · More Info
  • Morgan Stulberg
    I really like the contrast of modern chairs with traditional table. Very nice! I don't have any furniture for the livingroom...yet. And yes, those pulls have got to go. This house is very 90's and has not really been updated since (not a bad thing, it means I get to play!). I think I do like the wood of the cabinet. Definitely getting new appliances down the road and different counter tops.
  • lefty47
    HI -- Why don't you do something that not everyone does to avoid the cookie cutter decorating . Look for a table that has a modern base with a distressed wood top or something like a table from Restoration Hardware in the aged grey. And then add some mid-century or modern style chairs and have two other arm chairs for the ends of the table. You could also have an upholstered bench or an armless sofa against the wall and then have chairs .For your kitchen cabinets , if you added some modern chrome handles that might work to up-date them a bit. Maybe someday you can change the doors for something more to your style. If you deal with a better quality furniture store , then they should have an in-house designer to help you plan for your style of furniture. Have a look at the 2012 Princess Margaret Show house on -- Canadianhouseandhome.com there might be some ideas you will like. The 2011 show house was also beautiful.
  • csspeck10
    I love the farm table idea. Except if you have kids you'll need to think of less fabric on those chairs. Maybe a bench with a back on one side. As long as you stay in the color family - red or yellow then whatever shade of brown you use should be fine.
  • januarisun
    I would go with what you like. As you're updating your home, the last thing you'll want to have to do is change out a table because you didn't get the one you wanted. If you change your counter-tops to a dark brown granite or solid surface, a dark brown table would fit in perfectly. It shouldn't be the only dark brown in the room though. I like mixing woods, it gives the decor dimension and makes the room feel more collected-over-time, instead of very matchy.
  • PRO
    Martha & Mary Ellen Vintage
    I agree with a lot of the comments already made and here's my two cents!

    I would go with an traditional wooden table - and paint/distress it myself - it's so easy!

    Just to add on a twist I would definitely use the same colour and paint technique on the cupboard doors. I have used this recently with a dark teal/grey combination and it looks wickedly edgy - a vintage look that is definitely not 'cookie cutter decoration' (I love that description)!

    If you're leaning towards adding different door handles for your cupboards, I would go with a brushed steel which doesn't show up finger marks as chrome or polished steel would.

    As you said, you will be getting new appliances along the line and there are many out there to suit all budgets - this includes models in brushed steel!

    Modern traditional mix kitchen/dining space:

    Distressed teal traditional table (dark grey tie on covers for easy cleaning)
    Distressed teal cupboard doors with brushed steel handles (think industrial/factory)
    Dark grey slate worktops and tiled splash back (I got some wondeful floor tiles recently which looked fab as a wraparound splashback)
    Keep walls light - light grey or even cream looks good to warm it up a bit
    Display vintage pictures in modern frames to match the colour scheme (teal/grey/silver/black)

    I'm calling this 'utility chic' - low cost and low maintenance - definitely something that could grow and change with the home - the more worn, the better in my opinion.... a bit like me!

    Unfortunately I don't have images available at the moment - but marrying old and new definitely works and means you don't have to stick ridgidly to one style for a long time - you can mix and match and swap and change!
  • PRO
    Vikrant Sharma Homez
    Farm table is a Nice Idea .
  • PRO
    the best kind of table for this area would be glass and chrome since it would not conflict with anything, be modern and you would be able to see the lovely floors thru the table, or go with a dark granite table this would not conflict with your wood
  • PRO
    the best kind of table for this area would be glass and chrome since it would not conflict with anything, be modern and you would be able to see the lovely floors thru the table, or go with a dark granite table this would not conflict with your wood
  • PRO
    the best kind of table for this area would be glass and chrome since it would not conflict with anything, be modern and you would be able to see the lovely floors thru the table, or go with a dark granite table this would not conflict with your wood
  • dcer
    I definitely agree with the farmhouse table idea! I think that it would look great in your space, especially if you added more modern chairs!
  • PRO
    Leslie Klinck - Closet Factory
    wow, you've got a lot of wood going on in this space. What about a glass top table with a bronze or brown base. You can then go with just about any chair. Tie the finish you chose for the base in with your cabinets by changing out the hardware to something a little more modern. Put a colorful area rug under the table that includes all the colors you want to have in the room. The glass table keep the space looking open and will allow the color from the rug to come through.
  • PRO
    Chris Goodchild
    With all those straight lines in there maybe a rustic Plank table with complimentary chairs would help to soften things up a little. A thing that is not too difficult to make yourself if you have the inclination.
  • Morgan Stulberg
    Thanks for your comments everyone! Having a rug is a good idea to anchor everything. I really like the Basque Honey table by Crate and Barrel, sort of that farm table...but I love the one in Manon's picture more. I am looking forward to the spring when I can sit at the table and look at the blossoms in the orchard just outside those doors (someday to be French doors). :)

  • PRO
    Jennifer Scully Designs
    Please don't put dark wood furniture or anything remotely modern in this space. This is a very traditional and country look. There is so much wood already with the floors and cabinetry. You should consider a painted table in either white or a color and add fabric for warmth and texture. The tables above do not go with your space in any way. Try this: http://arthomefurnishings.com/product.php?pid=729&room=0&collection=42&type=0
    with the creamy white side chairs. You can save a lot of money if you go through this site: www.discountdesignerfurnishings.com
  • Manon Floreat
    I like the glass table idea but am afraid the room would just "float" away with so many light finishes (ie: floor, cupboards, glass sliders, wall color). I think the room needs some weight to ground it.

    And Morgan, I love the french door idea. Consider one lite french doors so as not to impede your orchard view.
  • PRO
    Leslie Klinck - Closet Factory
    The french door is a great idea, but once she puts an area rug , and some accessories on the wall, the room won't "float" away, especially too if she chooses a bronze of brown metal base for the table. The metal will add another finish and add some weight. Also, by changing the chandelier out to one with a bronze or brown finish would look good too.
  • PRO
    Hi, I agree 100% with Manon and I think you need to do the following
    1. Paint the room a good deep color on the wall on the right and call it your accent wall. The cabinets are not contemporary, they are country which is great, go for an eclectic country look. Go to the following site first
    www.spec simple.com this is where all the designers go, click on product guide it will open with houses. click on residential and start with paint.
    You actually have 3 options for this wall.
    1. Paint, change white electrical colors to match tje wall and move thermostat, there is not a thermostat left to the contractor that has ever found the correct location. Neither electrical covers nor thermostats are attractive.
    2. Go online and take a photo of your orchard someone said, or oranges nd colorful fruit in many different colorful bowls maybe 4 bowls and once you get the pattern you can send it off and they will send you back your very own wall paper. Or take a photo from IStock photo of bamboo it is beautiful and use that simple amd elegant a huge forest. You will find a thousand ideas post your photos before you begin and see how it looks. Take a good deep color from this photo corriander, cinnamon a bit darker and paint tje rest of tje room, but not the backsplash.

    3 Option, headboard painted on the bottom black it is definitely different, but black with this color will always look expansive. And the top could be white with a row of photos good side may 30 wide x 36 long or 36 square and take photos of Organic cans of soup or baked beans truly american amd put them up with a bright label or cereal boxes from 1950 to 2012 try to think Okhotsk of the box.
    I really hate the bead board so maybe you paint the wall a good brown with these colorful photos. Or just photos of food and recipes all in the same size food.
    But you do need to get another color up there that will give the room some weight.

    4. Your kitchen has no ending jist a cabinet in the air and a cabinet on the bottom both sides should have had an ending. The good new is they do not,so....My suggestion is to take 3 bookcases black sides, interior oak and face them towards tje dining room. The back will have to be finished and from inside since some of their part will be directly on the cabinet is to a paint it eggshell black, or tile the area.
    company will continue later.
  • PRO
    Jennifer Scully Designs
    These cabinets are traditional and the brass hardware is traditional. What your builder did was not hire a designer when he built your home. If the rest is modern or contemporary, the kitchen doesn't play nicely with that scheme. Unless you can afford new cabinetry, you must stick to a traditional look with everything else in your home (you could go country or European country as well) or (1) everything else in your home will look out of place or (2) your kitchen will look like it is very dated and needs to be redone. Please don't ever purchase a glass table for your kitchen, especially with the fact that it is near natural light. You will see every spec of dust, every fingerprint and things like salad dressing are so hard to get off glass and keep your table looking clean and polished. Also, an area rug in the kitchen is a mistake unless you want to clean it every day. Even indoor/outdoor rugs need to be cleaned. A chandelier above your table will suffice for flanking the area as the eat-in area. If you keep your kitchen exactly as is, a brass fixture would be best.

    If you want a more contemporary look in the rest of your home, have your cabinetry professionally sprayed a cream color and replace all of the hardware with chrome, nickel, iron or antique bronze.
  • michigammemom
    I agree with Jennifer Scully that the honey oak cabinets and porcelain pulls give your kitchen a traditional country look and a modern table will look out of place. I would suggest a simple plank top table with white painted legs. If you decide to paint the cabinets at a future date the table will still be serviceable.
    Carmichael Dining Table · More Info
  • PRO
    Leslie Klinck - Closet Factory
    There are a lot of great ideas here, so the question to lovelylovelylovely, is what colors do you like? How much are you willing to invest? Is it truly just a kitchen table you are looking for or are you interested in a whole look. Do you have kids? Are they young? Do you have pets? What kind? Do you entertain? How many people will usually be seated at the table? These questions are really things you need to answer before making any purchases and implementing any of the recommendations here.
  • PRO
    A Vintage Affair
    You don't have to be either all modern or all traditional. A transitional look lets you do a mix of colors and textures that will make it easier to redo the kitchen in steps.
    Your floors, cabinets and walls are all in beige tone so everything looks to stark. The first thing you should do is paint. No matter what color you choose pick a shade that is warm. Add a rug with warm tones too and then if you find a dark table you love it won't feel so different from everything else in the room. Your accessories should also help bring out the color.
    I'd also change the light to a transitional style, maybe something shaped traditional with modern finishes.
    When it comes time to change the cabinet pulls do the same; traditional feel with modern finish or do something very simple like straight bar pulls. If you can I'd change the glass front cabinet with one that
    has just a plain glass door or take it off and have open shelving..
    French doors (also a dream of mine one day) will help make everything not seam so builder grade, think of getting rid of the vertical blinds too.
    When it comes time to replace appliances don't put white back in, again to much "non" color and counter tops should also be of a warm hue.
    You have a great space with a great view, I hope you have lots of chances to enjoy a meal in your new kitchen
  • Lorraine Elderhurst
    You don't have to go modern or traditional these days mix it up. Then you can buy or inherit anything you choose.
    But DON"T buy a glass tabe. you will go mad pulling your skirt down to prevent wandering visiting male eyespurving on you. Or worse looking down at your plate and seeing Aunt Mables big fat thighs bulging up at you. Glass will scratch and you will be forever wipping streaky marks off it.
    As suggested by many go for a Country Look Table with dents scrathes etc in it and put modern chairs around it.
    Make sure they are easy to wipe over and DON'T put fabric on them with children as you will go mad
    yelling at them to sit still, and not to wipe their greazy little hands on them, especially when they get up to leave the table. (oops I forgot modern mothers don't yell they just count to 5 or is that 10)
    Kitchen tables are meant to be used. Homework, school projects, your craft etc.
    I bought a lovely old table 30 years ago and my children were always working around it whilst I cooked dinner, baked etc. It was never too precious.
    Then my husband and I moved inter state and I took the old table and all its memories with us
    the removalist dropped it and it split down the middle and the legs fell off. My husband refused to repair it .
    I must say I shed a few tears as my not too precious table went down the drive way to the tip.
  • camillemcb
    I agree about not going with the glass table. I have one and basically have covered it with a table cloth because of the kids. I nearly went to the mad house trying to keep it clean of fingerprints and food, and its all scratched up due to kids doing arts and crafts. It never really gets cleaned the way it is when you buy it
  • Mary Grace
    I have cabinets similar to yours, and they are stained with Cabot tint stain. The color for the cabinets are between the seastone, cottonwood and the abalone on oak wood. Here is the site to look at colors, http://www.cabotstain.com/colors-and-finishes/families/Custom-Tint-Colors.html
    And the picture of the color I have on the cabinets. The color changes during the day, it varies, that's why I like the stain on oak, it is not one flat color.
  • PRO
    There is a glass that has a coating just for tables with no fingerprints. HBF had this and I used it lovely.
    Ask your local glass store, so many changes in glass back painted, used to write on on walls etc. Glass has come a long way.
  • PRO
    Polo MA Inc. Interior Design

    If you like the cabinets...I find them a bit traditional for your tastes you might want to just replace the doors. The other fix for using darker table is to paint either the lower cabinets or island in a faux wood finish to coordinate with the table . You are doing what is called a "forced" combination. But it works.

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