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Brandon Smith
August 29, 2018
I just love watching all of my plants thrive. That’s it.

Comments (11)

  • Stefan

    Hate to break it to you, but a decent portion of those plants are etiolated(opunita,euphorbia trigona cutting, euphorbia tirucallii)...

  • Brandon Smith
    Yeah but there all doing just fine buzz kill. And even thought they’ve just been repotted, will lovingly make it till next season.
  • Stefan

    While the trigona is more tollerant of organic soil....tree bark??????

  • kingd Z6A michigan

    Hey Brandon, what is the plant on the left in the group shot?

  • SpanishFly - (Mediterranean)

    They all look like they are in a dark dungeon. Give them some SUN fgs.

  • Pagan

    Space counts! So you can put down "Yo" and hit the spacebar until you exceed 15 characters.

  • Crenda 10A SW FL

    Brandon - I was going to tease you and say they need more light. You know, since you took the pictures at night. LOL (maybe it was only funny in my warped mind)

    In the end, if you enjoy watching your plants, that's what counts! I grow plants for my pleasure, too. My neighbor told me he didn't like my choice of plants. I told him to quit looking, then.


  • Brandon Smith
    King, it’s an Euphorbia Genoudiana

    Crena, I thought it was funny too. I am more nocturnal when it comes to stuff like my plants since I till 9pm most nights.
  • hoovb zone 9 sunset 23

    Yes, spacebar works!

  • Jeff (5b)

    Yeah, that porch light won't quite do it for cactus. ;) We can use more general plant pictures this time of year. Thanks for posting.

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