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POLL: Biggest Neighborhood Noise Issue?

Emily H
June 25, 2014
Every neighborhood has it's own signature noise. Sometimes it's pleasant and sometimes it can be annoying. What's the biggest noise issue in your neighborhood?

VOTE and share your experience in the comments!

Comments (307)

  • momof5x

    Presently, it the properties across the road being built, once they are on second floor, they start throwing down the piling ( metal sticks) whatever, when the cement work has been done! Car alarms are annoying too but also have the neighbour honking like crazy until someone exits their house to take stuff from car!

  • PRO
    Billiard Factory

    The neighbor's dogs can be the worst. We recommend hiding out in the game room watching a movie with surround sound to get away from the barking!

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  • palimpsest

    Loud prostitutes.

  • roxsol
    Mini donkey!
  • juleppark

    At least it is cute.

  • pdk920

    The donkey is cute. A neighbor got mini-goats at one time so he didn't have to mow. On a 50' city lot! The city made him get rid of them, though actually they were way less annoying than many of the neighbors and the noisy dogs!

  • roxsol
    The donkey is a jennet named Chalupa and yes, she is cute. She brays about 4 times a day and can be heard for miles! The neighbors are not that close but have told me that they can hear her. No one seems to mind as it isn't a constant, ongoing noise. Also, our area has a lot of moose that can often be heard calling and the coyotes at night are pretty vocal which can get the dogs all over the countryside howling! I really don't mind any of it.
  • caitlin726

    Although it's not constant noise, I have 2 neighbors who mow their lawns every other day. So one day it's next door and the next day in the back. We do not have big lots, so the noise is close. Next door neighbor has a tractor for the relately small lot and my family room/porch is on that side of the house. It's so loud that I have to come in off the porch and shut the sliding glass doors. He then uses his blower to get every blade of grass that blew on the drive. Both are very nice and considerate neighbors in every way. They just love cutting grass. Better than having overgrown lots in the hood (but every other day)

  • PRO

    My neighbor to the rear is a large nursing home which you might expect to be relatively quiet. However, their ventilation units are noisy. My biggest irritation is the employees talking loudly to each other going to and from vehicles and then the horn beeps from the remote control locks. It isn't a problem during daylight hours but not appreciated after dark. Many of the staff seem to forget that there are houses on the other side of the fence and the local homeowners aren't working evenings and overnights.

  • pdk920

    Linda, I can imagine that gets annoying. Have you tried talking with someone there? Car horns are a ubiquitous nuisance now, but maybe you could post a little reminder sign, "Please -- we need our sleep!"

  • dirtgirl64
    I put barking dogs but can I change it to loud music, annoying and disrespectful !
  • thickskin

    The best house spot is to be backed up to a cemetery; Your neighbours will always be quiet.

  • roxsol
    And the worst spot would be backing onto a golf course, especially near a tee box! Golfers start at the crack of dawn and use very colourful language! You would also risk being beaned by a ball.
  • rachuba
    Screaming kids. When house hunting, we turned down a couple of nice houses because they were within a block of a playground. Our old neighbors had two screamers, and the mom would come out, curse at them. No more!
  • juliasull

    Our neighbor has a rock band...and not a good rock band either. Dreadful.

  • juleppark

    Had the same problem, made the windows shake in their frames, went on for hours and hours. The police couldn't stop it. I finally contacted the zoning commission and asked if their garage was zoned as a studio and if it had permits for using it for that purpose. Band practice was finally over and the neighbors quit speaking to me, win/win. Good luck!

  • Doc Sennett
    My house is well insulated to the point I only hear outside noise then its 4th of July or New Year's Eve fireworks. Even then, it wouldn't be loud enough to wake me if I were sleeping.
  • adivra

    The woman across the street and her flavor of the ....

  • D C

    Kids and their idiot parents. Someone above said dysfunctional families. I loved that!!! Why are people so disorderly these days??

    I used to live in a townhome. First neighbor = quiet. Was a lovely neighborhood until the market crashed and suddenly became affordable to the masses and their ill-behaved children. Then I thought I had the NFL living next door. So I moved.

    Now it's lovely and relaxing. I hear nature.

  • billiesue14
    This is more on the topic of rude, inconsiderate people than noise per se. I'm in my sixties and had started to wonder if I was becoming a crochety old fart because it seems like rudeness is out of hand. I just about quit going out to eat or to the movies because loud, obnoxious people who let their loud obnoxious children run amok spoiled the evening for me most of the time. If you dare to politely request that they quiet down a bit, most often you are told to f--- off. The other day my husband and I went to the movies at a nice theater that had recently opened near our home. Before the movie started, there were two very tersely worded announcements played concerning noisy children and cell phones which stated that you will be ejected from the theater without a refund if you bother other people during the movie. I wanted to stand up and applaud. It's sad that people have to be threatened to get them to behave in public. Common courtesy used to just be an expectation. What the heck has happened to us?
  • gum1

    Kids (ages 4-12) I live behind an elementary. Im actually writing because I love it, the sounds of their laughter or just plain ol talking (they have to do a lap around yard I guess for exercise?) but... I have neighbors that complain...? I don't understand? Why move by a school then? Another peeve, I have a retail business and get a lot of activity in our parking lot and our neighbors complain, we had to cut out our parking lot sales because of this and due to our economy it hurt a lot! Same question: Why move next door to a retail business? you would have to expect some noise wouldn't you? ... Gum P.S. Forget the noise Its PEOPLE this is where my complaining comes in lol and I have to agree with billiesue14

  • PRO
    Abbie Jacobson Design&Decoration

    Screaming children, car alarms, yelling neighbors and over the top hood music.

  • Molly M
    Only the occasional LOUD motorcycle going near by. I'm pretty lucky mostly I hear owls, and all the other pretty birds chirping.
  • havingfun

    since i went small town, all is quiet, yeah, the occasional lawnmowing, but never before 9 am. but I used to live in the city, funniest happened in the middle of the week, middle of the day. We hear the roofers across the road cranking up the tunes. A few minutes later, we hear the most enormous banging, turns out, the roofers, about 15 of them, all over 200 are line dancing on the man's roof. would have given anything for a camera right then. noone had the heart to tell the owner. But the roof never did cave in. Maybe it was a test run of some sort?

  • lola8672

    Helicopters flying over my house is crazy loud! It's an LA thing.

  • havingfun

    billiesue and gum, I believe there are 2 parts to that. First one is we are getting older. I read a quote once from the ancient greeks(?) that the kids were so rude, unlike the previous generation, so we all seem to think that as we age. Second, a lot of it seems to be our own fault. We have tried not to force our children to have to do all those awful things we had to live through. Long relative visits from great aunt so&so who stinks of moth balls, and pinches your cheeks so hard you want to scream. you getting spanked because some neighbor misinterpreted what was happening. unjust, cruel punishments, often not even fitting the crime. The long church services, where you nearly fell on the ground from boredom. spending 2 hours with 100+ fever getting dressed in your finest to go to the doctor. Somehow or other those things caused most of us to behave better. I still believe it takes a community to raise a child, but in our house it was me who went out to tell the 4 teenage boys to pick up the soda cans or i was marching them straight home to mom, because they may say something bad because of my hubby's size, noone is gonna believe that a 5'4" grandmother could do anything bad to 6' teens who don't even know her. My son always says I am the only one left who insists on being called by my last name or phone manners or ps and qs, and he is now 35.

    Ah Lola, I remember that from my home, and airliner jets, and sonic booms from the airbase in the middle of the night. Odd, now that we no longer have that, I have reverted to my childhood where we were trained to dive to the ground (cuban missile crisis in FL). Only problem I would now flop to the ground. so i suffice with covering my head with my arm. lol

  • Gloria Stepp

    Church bells, fake electronic church bells. Horrible sounding church bells. Yes, I hate the church bells.

  • coopershouse

    Gloria Stepp, in the next little town from mine, there's a guy with an electronic glockenspiel. It goes off on the hour, every hour. You can hear it all over the neighborhood, even up on the adjacent hiking trails. I don't know how his neighbors stand it, or why the city allows it.

  • eightpondfarm

    GUNS!! (target practice/hunting season) just so sick of it all. i've hated my neighbors every year during hunting season. so scary..... every time a gun goes off i worry they've killed one of my sheep, or cows, or dogs, or horses or llamas. Bloodthirsty cretins have deerstands on the propertylines at every corner. They (deeerhunters) love to put their tree stands and their camo-tents right on the edge of their property and ours. Because we have a lot of land...we have a lot of neighbors....like 12 different neighbors! And all but one are hunters. The deer they maim oft times die here on our land. we find their bodies for months....all winter long.

  • havingfun

    i understand and feel for you 8 pond, country living is always such a dichotomy. And hunters, they get this look in their eye. And they even begin to look at you that way. I can describe it, but it is not pretty and I would probably start a war. In one very small town, fishing community. in winter the locals often eat fresh road kill or do it themselves sometimes, and i began to understand them some, they were not hunters. They were like foragers, it was this or starvation. And then there were the big city hunters, with their 100s of 1000s of dollars of eqpt. with that look in their eye and their tudes. we used to beep the horns to scare off the animals.

    And right when you think there is no hope for someone with this appearance, you come across a big man in a big suv parked on the side of the swamp. you have just passed a struggling deer, but why is this man with 4 ways on. He is crying because in 8 years he managed never to hit one. And as sad as you are your heart rejoices for humanity.

  • coopershouse

    eightpondfarm, I feel your pain. I don't have it as bad as you - at least I don't find maimed animals on my property - but my neighbors' sons (ages 8 and 12) have taken up target practice any time they get a break from homeschooling. My neighbors are nice people and I expect the boys try to be safe, but it is scary because they're too young to be using firearms with no adult present (the parents remain indoors) and it's also intensely annoying because it goes on all the time. I'm contemplating placing a boom box at our mutual property line and playing opera REALLY loudly every time the shooting starts.

  • eightpondfarm

    i just hate killing animals. i work really really hard to keep my animals alive and healthy. that people get-off on killing animals is disturbing to me. i just can't get into that mindset. at all. and this area is chocked full of hunters.... they all have 'deer fever'. i traverse our property lines with dogs either on my atv or on horseback and keep them on their toes. i also let it be known that i have game cameras in our woods to keep them from poaching. AND.... where the worst poaching neighbors share a property line with us is where i locate my bulls during hunting season. my bulls are big old boys and their horns are HUGE!! i think i've done a pretty good job of keeping them off our property. but i cannot do a damn thing about them posting their shooting stations at the edge of our fences.

    i'll tell you what i DO sometimes do! i buy a box of mothballs (not crystals because they disintegrate too quickly) and throw them around in the wooded areas of our property (not pastures as the stuff is poison) to dissuade the deer from being anywhere near those deerstands ... lol.

  • acm

    hah, city living: unpredictable hippie drum circles. sometimes in a parade. I never know what it's all about. also, fireworks related to sporting events. eesh.

  • havingfun

    right now, fairly small town, wonderful neighborhood. Stupid girl next door, first she throws her kittens out in the street. Hunting dog #1, done ok. Beagle, Dog #2. Bays and bays, so she throws it outside so it bays and bays at my house. told hubby just bring him over already, tired of hearing him. Named after a beer no less. First one named after a vacuum cleaner. Says it all don't it.

  • Lynda

    I agree eightpondfarm. I cringe when hunting season starts. We have 35 acres at our cabin and we're surrounded by a ton of acres at our primary home. I really enjoy sitting on the porch watching the deer at dusk. But, not during hunting season. I don't enjoy sitting outside as I start hearing the gunshots (so loud) and worry they've killed one of "our deer."
    I understand that some folks really do live off the deer they kill. However, I don't get the whole "so proud that I used a high powered rifle sitting in a tree stand after luring a deer with salt licks." When I first started dating my husband he would let family/friends use the property to hunt. I told him that I wouldn't be coming up to visit if that was happening...some family still won't speak to him. Oh well. :-). Our animals also hate hearing the continuos target practice in the off season. They run and hide - and I just have to go inside and close the windows.

  • Grace O' Malley

    The girl across the street from us has the loudest car. We were relived when she had to put it in the shop a few months ago. It finally gave us a rest. She comes and goes at all hours of the day and night. I have no idea what her parents were thinking when that bought that car.

  • Nodak

    Little girls across the street are so loud out in the yard and on the deck. Personally i think they are too young to be out there alone and the older one I swear taunts the younger one just to make her scream. I don't mind dogs barking but their high pitched screams annoy me, and sadly one day one might get hurt but since they scream all the time no neighbors will rush to help.

  • Belahn

    It used to be kids screaming, so we moved. Now we are out on a couple of acres and don't hear that anymore. Why do they always have to scream? I'd have been in so much trouble if I did that when I was a kid I can't even imagine. Seriously, sometimes it sounded like someone was being murdered. I still sometimes hear people's dogs barking in the distance. My dogs never did that. I have Great Danes and they don't bark unless someone comes up into the yard. Funny you put a picture of a Dane on your poll. They don't really bark. You should have put a little yappy terrier on it.

  • coopershouse

    I noticed that I posted a comment back in 2015 about this...I finally gave up on my neighbors with the constant target practice, as it soon was accompanied by dirt bikes, a go-cart, and 4 barking dogs. After 34 years living in rural Washington, I moved to a suburban area just outside Tucson. What a difference! It's vastly quieter, my neighbors are much, much friendlier, and the desert is sublime.

  • tooky58

    We live in the country and our two lane road is a scenic byway, so many motorcycles on nice weekends. 1/2 mile off the road and can hear them coming.

    For those of you complaining about deer hunters not going after their wounded animals, turn them in ! If we ever did not kill a deer instantly we tracked it. My ex tracked one for 8 hours the one time it happened. So wrong, they are not true hunters, they make ones like us pissed off and sick to our stomachs.

  • Gary Presto
    Neighbors slamming doors. Neighbors. Slamming. Doors...!
  • dottt1

    Wind chimes! Clanging, tinkling, annoying, stupid wind chimes! How rude people are to fill the air with what they consider "musical." Do you think for one moment birds, rabbits and other wildlife whose hearing is far more sensitive than ours actually enjoy such man-made noise? Of course not. Sound to them is very important. Chimes are just interference to their songs and calls to each other. And for people, they can be torture. If you want wind chimes, respect others' right to not hear them!! Hang them indoors.

  • chiflipper

    MY adopted stray dog. Yup, mine. He's going to the Vet for "de-barking" next week. As is typical, my husband is against the procedure (he had a fit about having him neutered) but I shall prevail. All dogs bark...but this one sings the song of his species for hours.

  • dottt1

    Chiflipper, before you "debark" your dog, PLEASE look into training with a reliable dog whistle like Acme brand. So very easy to train your dog not to bark using a dog whistle. Then, someday, when you might need him to bark to warn you of something, he will still have the ability. He will just know not to do it all the time.

  • auntiebuzzybee

    De-Barking a dog is cruel. You can't be serious. There are other ways to deal with excessive barking though they may take work, effort, and training.

  • chiflipper

    Dog is a Great Pry / Anatolian mix, 115 lbs. He hates being in the house but we insist on dragging him in at 9pm (literally, we have to drag him). We live rural, tons of "critters" out there in the dark. As soon as the sun sets he starts barking...and does not stop for more than 10 minutes. As I understand it, debarking will not eliminate his bark, just make it far less loud. As for the "whistle", that would drive our other dog nuts. Sorry, but sometimes drastic measures are called for.

  • dottt1

    chiflipper, the whistle will not set off other dogs. It is used to STOP barking. It is a dog whistle not the type the coach uses at football practice. Read about training to your dog's frequency. It sounds complicated, but it really isn't. And once trained, you can stop using the whistle. So much better than surgically maiming your dog for the rest of his life.

  • chiflipper

    OK...just placed order @ Amazon...3 differently pitched Acme whistles for $8, delivery on Saturday. I really do hope this works. I promise to be diligent. His barking is his only bad habit...except for dragging home deer carcasses.

  • dottt1

    chiflipper, wonderful! I have the metal one with adjustable tone -- a bit pricey, but very good quality. Have not tried the plastic ones. Please update with how it goes. As for the carcass, that's a tough one. Probably thinks he is giving you a gift. How to get him to stop without hurting his feelings? That might be more challenging than getting him to stop barking!

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