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Pressure canning: contents spilling out after processing

ahappy camper zone10
February 18, 2019

I tried pressure canning for the first time yesterday and everything seemed to go well except in all my jars, contents ended up in the pot even though the lids sealed. I measured headspace before very carefully, didnt under or overdo it but still, in some jars, over 25% of contents ended up coming out during the processing. I heard this was because of "siphoning" where i depressurized too quickly so in the second try, after i hit my processing time, i didnt bother removing vent pipe cover and just turned off stove completely and let everything cool down 100% before even touching it again, but still, i lost some product.
What could be the issue? Maybe im not tightening the rights enough? i use the same ttightening as i do during water bath and have had no issues with contents being lost then

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  • theforgottenone1013 (SE MI zone 5b/6a)

    It is siphoning. It can happen when you don't allow the canner to depressurize naturally before taking off the weight. But it can also happen due to temperature and pressure fluctuations during processing. If you are adjusting the heat on your stove too much at any one time it can cause your jars to siphon. If you must make adjustments do so very slowly. Do not tighten the rings any more than necessary as this can cause your lids to buckle.


    ahappy camper zone10 thanked theforgottenone1013 (SE MI zone 5b/6a)
  • digdirt2

    Agree with Rodney. Making heat adjustments during processing that causes the pressure to fluctuate is the most common cause. And making frequent heat adjustments during processing in an unnecessary attempt to nail the exact pressure is the most common mistake those new to pressure canners make. It takes practice to learn the exact setting on your stove that keeps the pressure at or above the required number. That is one reason why using weights rather than gauges works best.


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