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Single sink in master bath?

February 11, 2019

Our current (old) master bath has double sinks, but we NEVER use them at the same time, and I'm sick of cleaning 2 sinks. So I'm wondering if it would be crazy to put in only one sink in our remodel. The vanity counter will be 73" across. Will that length look ridiculous with just one sink in it?

I like the idea of gaining that extra counter space as well as the drawer/cabinet space underneath with one less sink in the way. We really only use the sink when brushing teeth and washing face -- the rest of the time we're standing there, we're actually using the counter space and the mirror. And resale value is not a factor.

Has anyone opted to have only one sink in a master bath even when there is plenty of room for 2 sinks?

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  • PRO
    Duncan's Creative Kitchens

    If you only use one sink now and extra storage is a plus for you, I think you've already answered your own question. Good luck!

  • masterbathroom909

    Thanks. I wish I could find some photos to get an idea of how such a long counter would look with only one sink in the middle.

  • Cheryl Smith

    I am totally FOR 1 sink for the very reasons you are. until our current home we never had a master bathroom and never had 2 sinks. When we went to friends that had 2, I never knew which to use In their main bath. Our current master has one sink and is 54", the complete wall with the linen closet is 77.5". Love that we each have our own drawers for personals. This is one of the only rooms we haven't done anything to because we aren't crazy about the layout but don't know what we want other than to remove the huge soaker tub that will never be used I did change the cabinet hardware but that's the only thing

  • PRO
    Sina Sadeddin Architectural Design

    It seems like you're leaning towards one sink, which is fine, but I will hurt resale value. Even if you don't have plans to sell it's always something to keep in mind. Double sinks in a HUGE selling point and many buyers won't even look at a master without them. Is there no other way to add storage to the bathroom and keep the double sinks?

  • mayflowers

    We had our plumbing changed to one sink. It's a 60" vanity. You'll probably need separate cabinets. A good ratio would be a 30" sink base and two 21" drawer bases. I used 28" and 16" for my vanity.

  • PRO
    Debbi Washburn

    I have many customers do one sink... you can center it or do it offset so if 2 people need mirror space you can both stand there...

    Good luck!

    masterbathroom909 thanked Debbi Washburn
  • Helen

    FWIW, I just remodeled and removed one sink. In lieu of the sink, I installed a true vanity with a bench so that I can sit comfortably while grooming.

    As with you, the only time I ever physically need to stand in front of a sink is brushing teeth and washing face or hands.

    Unless one is planning to sell in the near future, resale isn't an issue because generally it would be relatively easy to change the plumbing back to two sinks if desired.

    ETA - My sink is higher at the end with the sink and then is lower where it is the sitting portion of the counter vanity. Because of that the placement seems pretty natural.

  • masterbathroom909

    Thank you all! If anyone has more photos of nice master baths with one sink in a long counter/vanity, I would appreciate it — need to convince H it will look good. He thinks it would be strange to do a nice remodel and remove one of the sinks. (But he’s not the one who cleans them ;) )

  • mayflowers

    Would he go for a vessel sink like Gardenweb's mongoct used?

    Note how he bumped out the sink base by 2". It gives more prominence and importance to the sink and sink base. It's a well-balanced design.

    Vessel sinks also come in a straight side design for a more modern touch. The Kohler Vox is one.

  • erinsean

    I prefer one sink...for reason you mentioned ...... Cleaning. And only one person uses bathrooms sink at one time. One sink would never keep me from buying a house.

  • TJW

    It's possible that the "resale" factor may depend on your city, neighborhood, price point. Our master had only one sink, and in our recent remodel, we considered installing 2 for those that say it's expected. We had the owner of the real estate office who sells most of our area out to do a walk-though and discussed things we were considering in the remodel, telling him that while this was for us for now, we were planning to sell in the next couple of years. He gave us great input on the more important changes, and while updating the older, darker tile in the large walk-in master shower was a DO, he told us there was no significant value . . . in our market . . . in adding an extra sink. We really like the one sink with more counter and storage space, so that was happy news.

  • mainenell
    You could plan the vanity layout for two sinks, but only install one sink. And install shelving or roll trays in the unused sink section.
  • Cheryl Smith

    Just search house photos here's a few with a lot of different options for cabinet and mirror placement

    masterbathroom909 thanked Cheryl Smith
  • iamtiramisu

    Debbi posted some beautiful options. There is also maybe doing one sink a bit larger than single and using 2 faucets - kind of marrying both options. Personally I loathe vessel sinks and wouldn't go that route if you haven’t lived with one unless you know you like them or have spent some time with one in a showroom. We got stuck with ones the previous owners put in and I cannot wait to have undermount sinks again when we renovate the bathrooms.

  • PRO
    Beth H. :

    I was going to suggest the same thing that tiramisu posted, above. A larger (longer) sink with two wall mounted faucets. Even if you happened to sell down the road, buyers would still like this option. Of course, if you're never moving, then do exactly what you want!

    (and, you could always turn off the valve w/the water supply to the other sink, but leave the option there for anyone down the road. it's simple enough to switch to a double vanity.

  • mayflowers

    The long sink defeats the purpose of having more drawer and counter space. She only has 73".

  • Mrs Pete

    I am totally FOR 1 sink for the very reasons you are.

    As am I. My husband and I happily share a 48" vanity with a single sink.

    Double sinks in a HUGE selling point and many buyers won't even look at a master without them.

    I won't say I wouldn't buy a house with repetitive sinks ... but the rest of the house would have to be really great.

    In terms of size, this picture is much like what I plan for my new house: about 48" ... one sink, off center ... one stack of nice-sized drawers. But we're adding an 18" tower on the other side providing more storage.

    Note how he bumped out the sink base by 2". It gives more prominence and importance to the sink and sink base.

    I'm not into this idea ... possibly because I'm short. A couple years ago we stayed in a beach-front condo, and I couldn't put a finger on WHY I didn't like the sink. The water pressure was fine, as was the lighting, but something seemed "off". It took me a few days to realize the vanity was extra-deep, placing me farther from the mirror! Perhaps if it had been MINE, I'd have adapted /become used to the extra depth.

  • Pa P

    People buy space. A single sink delivers greater storage and counter space most want.

  • Oliviag/ bring back Sophie
    we have had both scenarios. honestly, I would prefer one slightly larger sink, and more drawers
    resale? huh. most buyers will just be happy for the space for the double sink they think they want...l would do what works for you.
  • PRO
    Beth H. :

    " And resale value is not a factor"

    why does everyone get their knickers in a wad over the next buyers? who cares if they want two sinks? If the home is perfect, other than the sink issue, buyers will buy it. not a big deal to convert the vanity back to two sinks.

    However, this is moot since the OP has clearly stated that resale is not a factor.

    as for the long space looking ridiculous,,it all depends. are you keeping something like this?

    these aren't horrible, but they aren't the best looking either.

    if you want a 6' vanity w/one sink, then don't use a 13" sink. think about proportions.

  • Helen

    Not that people asked but I think people confuse having two separate sinks with having space since even in a relatively large bathroom, having a second relatively useless sink is going to diminish space that is more functional than a sink - one has storage below which can be configured to meet one's individual needs and one has storage on the counter which at least is way more functional and attractive.

    In terms of cleaning, no one has mentioned that actually cleaning the counter is far easier when one has a larger less cluttered counter.

  • auntthelma

    We had two sinks in our previous house and we miss them! But that’s us. From your explanation, it sounds like one sink makes sense for you. And you will have more storage. Always a good thing.

  • mayflowers

    Talk to a cabinet maker or a bathroom designer with a cabinet line and let them make a cabinet drawing for you to show your husband. Cut out a sink shape from a grocery bag and place it in the middle of your current counter. Use a rectangular sink as it fills in the corner spaces. The Kohler Ladena is a popular sink, with the largest one having a basin length of 20.4".


  • Bruce in Northern Virginia

    I'm surprised at the number of folks who think one sink is fine in a master bath. Don't you ever have both of you getting ready at the same time in the master bathroom? One sink is fine until you both need running water at the same time (maybe one of you wants to wash his/her hands when the other one is brushing teeth or shaving). Then somebody gets to go down the hall to the other bathroom :).


  • masterbathroom909

    Bruce, in our 15 years living together, I don't think we've ever used both sinks at once. We don't even share the vanity at the same time. If we proceed with this master bath remodel with only 1 sink, and then have some sort of 2-sink emergency, one of us can use the sink in one of our other bathrooms. :)

  • PRO
    Beth H. :

    Bruce, no. I've never had issues like that. even though we've had two sinks, we both end up using the same one. With our new bath remodel, I got a beautiful vanity with two sinks and plenty of counter space. guess which sink my husband uses? yes. mine. we never get ready at the same time, so it's not an issue.

  • PRO
    Creative Design Cabinetry

    We use our double sinks at the same time always...but that is us. I usually try to design to the customers needs. If history tells you that a second sink is a waste, go with the counter space.

  • PRO
    Door Corner

    Yes, a single sink! If you never use the second sink, there is simply no need and you can have added storage too. Good luck!

  • Cheryl Hannebauer

    We put 2 sinks in our master ensuite, but really 1 larger one would have worked just as well, i is rare for us to have to be ready at the same time these days & if we do have to get ready, I go first & then hubby. We did design the new build with an option of hubby using the main bath as we put a pocket door from the main bath into our walkin closet, so when it just the 2 of us, he uses it as it has the shower there & the master bath has the free standing tub. the vanity in the master is 62 inches long & we will be putting a tower on each end.


  • artistsharonva

    Never had a house not sell due to a vanity sink. I have been in real estate & remodeling business 12+ years.

    Things have changed a lot with bathrooms over the years, 2 sinks to 1 for more storage, heigth, walk in showers over jacuzzi tubs. Every home should have 1 tub. That can be a selling problem.

    I say go for the 1 sink for more storage. Enjoy ;)

  • shayr

    We are doing a single sink in 72”:) I can’t take a pic as the cabs arent installed yet Sorry! My reasons were- more drawer space, less a sink to clean, and the fact that hubby and I almost never get ready at the same time. I say go with what feels right for how you’ll use the space!

  • violetsnapdragon

    My friend has a long vanity with a sink off center and she put a large, decorative basket on the other side of the counter to hold toiletries and such. People seem to be really into the double sink thing, but my husband says you can just cap off the plumbing to what was the second sink and mention how easy it would be to convert it back when selling.

  • watchmelol

    Our master has only had one sink. However the main bath had two. Even raising kids I can't recall a single time when both sinks were in use at the same time. I learned to detest that extra sink every time I had to clean the useless thing. So we went with a single sink with more storage. Taking out that second sink gave us room for a narrow linen tower with no loss of counter space.

  • PRO
    Patricia Colwell Consulting

    In 50+ years my husband and I have never brushed our teeth together so single sink more counter and better storage it is no brainer.

  • Mrs Pete

    People buy space. A single sink delivers greater storage and counter space most want.

    I think this thought is becoming more and more popular now. The duplicate sink thing became common in the 80s-90s when McMansions started popping up everywhere ... but realistic thought /function over looks seems to be seeping back into building.

    Our master has only had one sink. However the main bath had two. Even raising kids I can't recall a single time when both sinks were in use at the same time. I learned to detest that extra sink every time I had to clean the useless thing.

    We're the same -- one in the master, two in the hall bath -- and I hate my girls' vanity and -- to use your words -- that useless sink. The worst: One of the faucets broke and needed replacement. Because I wanted them to match, I had to buy two faucets /pay for two installations. And the store only had one of the faucet I actually wanted, so I was forced to buy two higher-priced faucets.

    Thing is, because we have a ridiculous 14' vanity, we really have to stick we duplicate sinks -- plus the vanity is in excellent condition, and I can't see paying to replace it. My girls loved all those drawers while they were growing up, but they never used the extraneous sink.

  • Kim Weaver
    Yes Bruce it has happened!!! Once my husband was brushing and I had to wait a minute to brush.... gasp!!!!!
  • Ruth Ann Widner
    We struggled with the one or two sink decision, as well. We ultimately went with one sink because we really wanted to maximize the storage capacity of the vanity. I think the trough sink would have been a good option, as well, but would have added some additional costs.
  • Kim Weaver
    Sorry that sarcasm was uncalled for. My point is for the 364.9 days a year it would not get used it is pointless to have an extra sink taking up space in our bathroom. (And yes the cleaning thing)
  • Lisa

    Create the bathroom you need and will use. I am in the single sink club. My bathroom is and has always been a single user place. The last refuge of privacy in a house that is otherwise over-run.

  • avalonrose1234

    Having two sinks has been very beneficial for us...if you're working with a large vanity space in a master bathroom, I think for convenience and also for resale, the double sink option would be best.

  • Rekha A 9a Houston area

    We use both the sinks at the same time frequently. But if you dont, you dont need them.

  • girl_wonder

    I'm on Team One-Sink. When I was married, we had two sinks but only used one (we never needed to brush our teeth simultaneously). Get what you want. FWIW, I once rented an airbnb that had a counter that was like 6-7' long (with one sink). It was fantastic!!!!! Place to spread out all your stuff, a little vase of flowers etc plus, as you said, plenty of under counter storage.

  • Missi Rogge (4b IA)

    We don't have a master bath. A lot of people don't. I share a bathroom w/our two kids, and we have to get ready at the same time in the morning. Mostly this involves critical thinking. My son is brushing his teeth-so I'll throw my lunch together. The kids eat breakfast while I'm showering. I use the mirror on the back of the door if my daughter is using the vanity mirror. Adulting is hard, I know, but coping is a life skill. In 17 years of marriage, my husband and I have *never* gotten ready at the same exact time. Resale, to me, means squat-other than the fact that the vast majority of the things that are touted as a "must" for resale are things that I don't care for...so that would turn me *away* if there was a lot of those things in a place I was looking at. Do your house like *you* want it, period.

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