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Subtle marble-like quartz options for Dover white cabinets?

September 14, 2018
last modified: September 14, 2018

Cabinet color is set - cabinets are in, there's no going back. They are Dover White shaker cabinets. Walls are SW 7015 Repose Gray. I love the cabinets, but they are a bit warm so I know I need to be careful with the color I choose for countertops. Floors are hickory.

Photo shows a cabinet door on top of flooring. Top sample is wilsonart marrara, middle I can't remember but it was too bold in person, and bottom is Sequel Super White

I had a quartz picked out, but long story short, I'm back to the drawing board. I'm looking for something with very subtle marble veining, just a little bit of movement, not pixely or squiggly (to be really technical about it lol). I like white white kitchens so I don't need a ton of contrast. My last kitchen I had dover white cabinets with gray countertops and I liked it a lot, but I really want to go whiter. Some of the colors that I think look nice in sample form/online are:

  • London Sky Zodiaq DuPont
  • Silestone Lagoon
  • Pental Carrara
  • Quartzmasters Organic White
  • Wilsonart Marrara
  • Spectrum Pure

Kind of a different look, but I also kinda like

  • LG Hausys Quartet
  • Pental Icelake
  • Sequel Super White (very similar to what I had in last house, except last house was granite, and I actually like the look of this quartz better...but I really kinda wanted to stick with something more white than gray)

I haven't seen many of these in full slab because it's been tough to find them. I went to one place and most of what they had was very bold and dramatic. Beautiful, but not what I'm looking for.

Any ideas or thoughts??

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  • mshutterbug
    Thanks Renov8or! Do you mean these as 2 and 4? I’ve posted so many I’m confusing myself :D
  • kelleg69

    I have Polarstone Olympia counters and love them. I also have Repose Gray walls, but my cabinets are SW Extra White, so not warm or creamy at all. Here are some photos. The veins look less pronounced in real life. I also have Quartz masters Organic white in my vacation house kitchen. It is pretty bright white. My husband prefers the Olympia over the other.

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    Hi All, I could really use some help. I stumbled upon a picture of my dream countertops. I’m currently redoing my kitchen and this stone is perfect it has wide veins and both grey and brown tones. I love how the brown warms everything up but isn’t overpowering. Any ideas what this stone might be? It looks like a calacutta but there are so many variations I can’t be sure. (pictures are of the same countertop just in different lighting)
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    My brain is awhirl with thoughts for you on this subject! I think high contrast is needed to pair with the existing black countertop. Of course, white is a classic pairing with black! I'm very familiar with the quartz "marble", and the white is a little soft imo to pair with the Uba Tuba. Are you dead set against a real piece of marble? It does require a bit more care, of course. I'll throw in the very strong opinions of both my husband (a very design-savvy chap) and my design partner Rusty, who hate materials that mimic other materials. I happen to be more open to it, and was seriously considering the marble-look quartz in my last renovation, but the two of them shamed me out of it! That said, we all love quartz composites. In thinking about it, it's going to be kind of hard to put another stone product right next to that granite, no matter what direction you go with within that category. What about introducing a whole other material, like butcher block? The wood would be so lovely and warm, and add a whole new dimension to the space. A pretty affordable solution, too, given that you want to redo the kitchen eventually, and it's a second home that you don't want to invest as heavily into as you would your primary. Yep, that's what I'm leaning toward. Keep us posted what you decide to do!
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    I have wood cabinets and wanted a lighter style countertop. I did not pick a "marble look" quartz but I have been asked by people if it is marble. I don't think it looks fake because it is not supposed to be marble, just a pretty quartz. Here are some pictures from my "my pics" idea book where you can find more pictures. I did a cream subway tile backsplash. https://www.houzz.com/photos/my-pics-work-in-progress-phvw-vp~93784356 https://www.houzz.com/photos/my-pics-work-in-progress-phvw-vp~93784291 https://www.houzz.com/photos/my-pics-work-in-progress-phvw-vp~57088087 https://www.houzz.com/photos/my-pics-work-in-progress-phvw-vp~88667617
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    I'm wondering if there's a reason not a lot of large vein mixed with small vein options. I bet its part of a manufacturing issue. Like baking a marble cake....kinda hard to make swirls different sizes? I think I said I would post the MSI Calacatta that went in to one of our new displays this week. Here it is.... MUCH more gorgeous in real life....as they always are. :-)
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  • cdrysdale
    I have Silestone Lusso quartz and love it. It would tie in nicely with all of your colors and it is really easy to take care of.
  • mshutterbug
    The Cook's Kitchen and cdrysdale - the Silestone Lusso looks really nice. But does it read tan or gray? I definitely want it to lean gray...
  • printesa

    We needed something a bit warm as well since we had walnut cabinets for a bar area and went with Cambria Torquay..There isn't much veining, but enough cream/tan color to not be too cold...You have many beautiful options

  • cdrysdale
    It is more gray and white with tan veining. Mine has a bit of sparkle in the tan veining.
  • mshutterbug
    I’m still looking... just visited another slab place. Hubby has offered me money to visit no more places and just choose this is not the original direction I wanted to go, but the marble looks just seem to cool for my cabinets. (Kinda kicking myself for not going with the other white option but it is what it is!) So I’m leaning a bit in this new direction. Photo in warehouse with full slab and outside with samples. It’s Pental Argento. Any thoughts??
  • mshutterbug
    I’m still looking... just visited another slab place. Hubby has offered me money to visit no more places and just choose (he’s not joking lol!) this is not the original direction I wanted to go, but the marble looks just seem to cool for my cabinets. (Kinda kicking myself for not going with the other white option but it is what it is!) So I’m leaning a bit in this new direction. Photo in warehouse with full slab and outside with samples. It’s Pental Argento. Any thoughts??
  • goluscombe

    I think you are on the right path. This is 'basically' your pallet. The middle color is the floor, the color on the right is the cabinets. Your gray is on the left. You need a warm gray and your latest pick has the gray and the warmth. Good choice !

  • Kath

    Nice, where can these slabs be seen?

  • mshutterbug
    Thank you! Got home and totally torn again. It really makes such a difference seeing things in home lighting vs warehouse. I really love the Calcatta look. And I love the “white on white” look. I also put the Argento next to my walls and in some light it’s fine, in others it looks very beige. Now granted, the counters won’t touch the walls anywhere so it’s less a concern I suppose. Just really need to decide. I’m ready to just tell my husband to go and pick (he’ll pick the cheapest lol)
  • Kath

    I like the movement of the pental argento.

  • blahnik1
    If you want a "plain" look, ceasarstone organic white is very nice (not too warm, not too cool).

    For slight veining, I like Silestone Ariel (not too cool, not too warm). Silestone statuario is beautiful, but it's really cool, maybe too cool for your kitchen. It might read blue.

    For bolder veins, Silestone Calacatta gold is nice (white background but warm and cool veins).
  • blahnik1
    I'm not crazy about the Pental Argento. I know it may sound ridiculous, but to me it's looks dated.
  • printesa

    The Luccia is probably my favorite. Not a fan of Argento..seems a bit too busy and blah..

  • mshutterbug
    Thanks Kath!
    blahnik1 - I can kinda see why you’d say that. I’m seriously about ready to throw in towel and take hubby’s offer. He’s offered me money to just decide based on what we’ve seen and be done. Ha! I really initially wanted a very *white* kitchen with some subtle marble look. At this point I’m just going back and forth. I can’t even get a good picture. The floor here, for example, reads much darker than it appears in real life. BTW - I did consider that actually, organic white...it’s almost a spot-on match with my cabinets.
    Heeeelllllllpppppp me lol!!
  • Kristin S

    I don't think you can go wrong at this point. Personally I'm not fond of the Argento. My favorite would be the Sequel Calacatta Ravenna, as it seems to split the difference with veining that's not as bold as the other, but also not as simple.

    Some of it also depends on what you want to do for a backsplash. If you want something with pattern/texture/color/movement, I would go with the Caesarstone Organic White. If you just want a basic subway tile I think you can go either way. The Organic White would certainly give you a lot more options for backsplash, though.

    It looks like the cabinets might be in. If so, can you share a picture of the whole kitchen? My vote might change based on what else you have going on.

    I'll also say I'm biased and really love the Caesarstone Organic White, as it's what we chose (good to know Dover White is such a great match!)

  • Kate Zink

    I would pick the Pental but you need to go with what you love. If the Calacatta speaks to you then don't second guess yourself.

  • blahnik1
    I like all of them- minus the Argento (too busy, a bit dated look).

    like white too. I have a white kitchen with subtle veining on my white counter. I love it. I actually prefer the bold veining, but thought I’d get sick of it in a few years. However, I love the bold veining look!

    Get what you love. Either the bold veining sample you have (gorgeous) or the more simple one (smaller subtle veining). The really busy one (argento).... I don’t like that look.
  • mshutterbug
    Kristin S - here’s a couple pics. (It’s so messy and unfinished I almost don’t want to post them!) As you can see, cabinets are not 100% in. And the fridge wall can’t be finished until countertops are in because I’ll have two “garages” sitting directly on countertops. (See drawing, if you can ignore all my notes lol)
    I was thinking the organic white would give me lots of choices for backsplash. I really like the Ravenna. When I looked at the full slab though (attaching pic..you might have to zoom in to see veining) it almost looked like the veins were accidental, like it just got dirty lol. In the light of my own home though, it might work. I like how white the background is.

    Kate Zink - thanks! What I really need to do is pretend that a friend is asking for my opinion. I can be much more decisive when someone else wants my opinion vs deciding on my own stuff! Lol!!
  • mshutterbug
    blahnik1 - I feel exactly the same. I loooooove the bold veining, but I strongly suspect I’d be tired of it after a couple years.

    I think at this point it’s between the Ravenna and Organic White. Totally different looks, but both would give me the white-on-white...
  • PRO
    Julie Chotiner Interior Design

    Revisit one of your first favorites "wilsonart marrara.". In all my years of consulting with my clients it is usually one of the first choices made that is the one that hits home with what you really want. Get a good night sleep mshutterbug. You have given yourself way to many choices and now are very, very confused. Go with Wilsonart marrara as your choice It will be beautiful! Buy yourself something beautiful with your husbands offer of $ to make a decision. Maybe get a massage? Take care! Julie

  • TJW

    The Argento has a lot going on (i.e., very busy) and seems significantly darker than the others. If you wanted 'more white' then that one seems to be going in the other direction. I would eliminate if based on that and my own personal preference. If that's one that you really love/can't eliminate, try to grab 4-5 more samples and lay them out together on your cabinets for a few days. My favorite is the Sequel Calacatta Ravenna, it gives you the 'whiter' but with interesting veining that adds interest but doesn't overpower. You said your cabinets are warmer than you wanted, but your colors are similar to ours, although your floor is a tiny bit warmer. We had two white choices if our cabinet maker did the color. Although we ended up going with the whiter of the two, it was a close call, as both would have looked good in our light with our paint and the counter top material we chose. I think your cabinets look great and if you've narrowed it down to the final 3 counters, you are very close. I vote for Calacatta Ravenna, but maybe you can get a few more pieces of your top choices and lay them out for a few days.

  • Madalyn Eadline
    Luccia would be my first choice. I would NOT go with the Argento.
  • TJW

    Off-topic: how wide is your kitchen (wall to wall)? How wide are the planks in your floor? It's a beautiful layout and I love the placement of your island. We would like to have one as well, but don't think we have quite enough width to have the wide-open walkways you have on each side.

  • Anne in Virginia

    We just had our kitchen redone with white cabinets and the designer helped me pick out our quartz countertops. They are MSI Blanca Statuarietto, a warm white with faint swirls and small short veins of light gray. I wanted a counter without much pattern since I dislike most granite patterns. Our kitchen is small, and the quartz and white cabinets really brighten it up! I will attempt to add pictures of the quartz here from the internet: (the first one is the best). A link to a store:


  • mshutterbug

    Thanks so much for all the feedback! So, on the Argento, I would NEVER have chosen it by sample alone. I like the few little subtle sparkly bits (I'm not big on "bling" and a lot of quartz has way too much for me, but it's actually pretty with just the very few.) But if I'm honest with myself, I'd kinda be talking myself into that one simply because the warmth of it works with my cabinets. It's not the look and feel that I would typically go for. And ultimately I'd probably regret that and feel like I just talked myself into it. On the other hand, maybe I'd love it. lol!

    Right now I'm leaning either Calacatta Ravenna with white subway tile or Organic White (aka LG Snow Storm) with a real marble backsplash. I really love marble, as I've said, but I know if it etched/stained (and with my family I'm sure it would) it would bug me. I'm thinking as a backsplash it might be a safer option though.

    Told hubs I was going for the money and I'd have a decision by end of weekend. He said he'll believe it when he sees it :D It probably sounds ridiculous that he's offered to "pay" me...not like it's HIS money, just that he'll say "take some of our cash and do whatever you want with it." He said it's a little bit like paying ransom. I'm holding this project hostage by not making a decision. lol! Ahhh! I don't intend to but it's a big decision! And since he would literally throw down any color formica and be perfectly happy, it's all on me!

    All of the kitchens that I save tend to be very very white. It's kind of a tossup in my mind..back and forth, back and forth. Ravenna or Organic White.... any more thoughts guys?

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    Julie Chotiner Interior Design - what you say makes a lot of sense. But honestly I think it may have been a blessing in disguise that the marrara didn't work out. It's been the most difficult to find a supplier for it, and when I go back and look at the sample (I've never seen a full slab in person, only online) it looks a little bit "muddy" next to my cabinets. So I think I've gotta just let that option go by...

    TJW - thanks :) to answer your question - our kitchen is 162" wide wall to wall. I made the island only 23" wide (without the door faces) because that allowed me the deepest standard drawer depth of 21" while also giving me what I consider to be wide enough walkways. (I know many houzzers will disagree and say anything less than 48 is too narrow). They are currently 42" wide from face of cabinet door to face of cabinet door. That will shrink a bit with counter overhang, but we feel it will be comfortable for us and is very close to what we had (and worked well) in our last house.

    Now maybe I need to just flip a coin and be done with this decision!

  • Kristin S

    I can share our logic in choosing the Organic White and see if it helps. We also wanted white counters to coordinate with white cabinets (and in our case some white oak cabinets as well). We had some concern that while true marble is timeless, marble look quartz is *very* in right now, and might end up looking dated in a few years. Our designer also pointed out that imitation marble never looks *quite* the same as the real thing, but rather always just a bit off, so she prefers quartz that lid more “inspired by” v. duplicative of the real thing. While we do t have it installed yet (pouring foundation this week) we’ve been really happy with how the Organic White fits into our overall look, including the options it allows for other parts of the kitchen to shine.

  • mshutterbug

    Kristin S - all very valid points - thank you! What are you thinking of doing for backsplash?

    I really like the Ravenna because it's very white, has some movement but is still pretty muted. And the organic white really does leave so many options open for backsplash and other things.

  • Kristin S

    Right now we're planning on an off-white elongated ceramic subway tile. That said, I'm toying with whether I'd rather do a marble, or with the two toned cabinets it would be too much for us (we like a pretty simple, uncluttered look for the kitchen).

    I don't think you can go wrong with either. Close your eyes and pick. Or flip a coin. Or don't think about it for 24 hours and then make a quick gut decision.

  • Kristin S

    I was just thinking about this thread, and then rereading it, and I think in your gut you want the Ravenna. I say go with that one :-)

  • mshutterbug
    I do really like the Ravenna. I wonder though if I should be concerned that it’s made in China? Whereas the LG Viatera version of Organic White is made in US. I also wonder about the seam. There will be one somewhere on the L portion of kitchen...
  • mshutterbug
    This morning my gut is saying go Organic White. What I really want is Carrara Marble, and I don’t think any quartz is going to satisfy that for me (even though they’ve come a long way, even in the past 5 years I think... I first wanted it in our last house 5 years ago but went with granite because I didn’t like any of the marble look alike I found then).

    So maybe I just go for that all white look that I also really like instead.....
  • printesa

    For Carrara look alike, I assume since you've seen a lot of the quartz, you saw the Frosty Carrina and the Calacatta Nuvo (both from ceaserstone).

  • mshutterbug
    I haven’t seen full slab, but I love the look of them in sample size. I’ve kinda come to the conclusion that my cabs are too warm for the marble look alikes that I like the most. I think at this point I need to just make a decision. One of the very first ones I wrote down was Organic White and my gut is saying just do it. I love really white kitchens and I can always add real marble backsplash or stick with white subway but do something more interesting. Then I can add pops of color if I want with accessories. I feel pretty good about this direction....
    any final thoughts guys?
  • printesa

    I wanted to take a photo of our bar counter, but the lights are not all in and in a basement is not a lot of light without all the bulbs there:) We have Torquay since it's on the warm side and worked better with walnut cabinets..The photo is not very good..sorry

    For the back splash, you will need to look at combos of quartz and marble..usually they are not mixed, but I guess if the counter is clean white. marble would work

  • mshutterbug
    Really pretty printesa!! Yeah I’m definitely going to have to be careful in choosing backsplash.
  • L Stone

    Quartzmaster Calacatta Paris

  • mshutterbug
    Lovely stones and they might be useful to someone else in my shoes :) I’m going this direction. Wish my luck guys! (That I’ll love it when the full slab is in my kitchen eek!)
  • Kath

    Printesa please post more pictures.

  • mshutterbug
    Kath - I realized I never responded to your earlier question about where to see slabs. You can call around to fabricators and ask where you can go see full slabs. Look for stone yards. Or you can look on manufacturer websites for dealers. But call ahead because many showroom only have little samples. Good luck!
  • printesa

    Kath, I assume you want to see the quartz..I wish I could take better photos, but the construction is still going on and most of the surface is covered with all kinds of papers, tools..

  • printesa

    I have some older photos that were taken for a different purpose..You can see the counter, but not well enough...one is blurry as well.

  • Kristin S

    Printesa - looks like you have an amazing space! What is the backsplash tile? The ceiling panels are also very cool.

    mshutterbug - I think it will look great! Be sure to show pictures when you have it all finished!

  • Danielle Paul
    I just want to say congrats on making your decision! You’ve earned that money from DH ; ) You’ve been thoughtful about this decision, and I think you are going to be very happy going with the classic counter. You will have your beautiful white kitchen. This gives you maximum flexibility on backsplash choices and accessory colors. When we can’t decide, we usually need to work through something and you did! Please keep us updated on progress with pics.
  • printesa

    Thank you Kristin. It's a work in progress since the ceiling panels are made by my husband in his spare time, which is very limited. They are removable as well.

    The back splash is a glass tile. Initially I wanted these, but the yellow did not go well with the counter. My other half was very patient with me...I think I've seen every possible tile:)

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  • Katie

    LStone. Beautiful quartz. Can you tell me the name?

  • L Stone

    Katie, it is made by Quartzmaster and the design is Calacatta Paris

  • Katie

    Thank you! We've seen the Calcutta Verona and love that. This looks similar - gotta go to some stone yards and check them out.

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