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Tight Budget, Track Lighting Designs for Living/Bed Rooms?

Jonathan Look
October 14, 2015


Track lighting is looking like our best option for versatility and budget friendliness in our area. If you had to stick with track lighting, then what kind of lighting plan for the living/bed rooms would you choose, or what modifications would you make?

Thanks in advance!

Living Rooms:

Note the foyer entrance and the view of the fireplace from the foyer/living room entrance.

Living Room A:

Living Room B:

Living Room C:


Bed configuration will be centered on the topmost side underneath the awning windows (which will be above the bed)

Bedroom A:

Note: The horizontal lighting in bedroom 1 would be above a sliding closet mirror door.

Bedroom B:

Note: This configuration avoids running above the closet mirrors.

Bedroom C:

Note: Half the vertical lighting on the left of bedroom 2 will be above a sliding mirror closet door.

Some inspirational Houzz picks:

**I know our space is NOT as big as these rooms, but I wanted to show asymmetrical vs. symmetrical picks that stood out while browsing Houzz.

Northbrook House · More Info

Northbrook House · More Info

Rose House · More Info

Comments (8)

  • PRO
    flair lighting

    ok, where to start. i love track lighting. i have lit galleries, and homes. with both rail and track.

    the last picture got it right. for more everyday living.

    the first two, top is show casing the windows at night and the art in a seating area

    there is still lighting over the work surface in kitchen. the tv room has a cool pin spot over the table.

    so if you have a lot of art etc, then these are great. lamps will be so important. and switching.

    in the bedrooms, your saying you cant put a single light in the center of the room?

  • Jonathan Look
    @flair lighting: Thanks for the reply. Were you referring to the mock plans I drew up in red? If so, mind calling out by room and plan A, B or C?

    I do have a grand idea to add art to the walls, which is where my architect suggested track lighting as well.

    I'm not sold on a single light in the center of the bedrooms or living rooms, partly because they take center stage, and also, a low hanging fixture in the middle of the room makes it somewhat more difficult to fix the bed (I use to hit a chandelier on many occasions when folding clothes too...)
  • PRO
    flair lighting

    bedroom center light fixture doesnt take center stage. It is a bedroom after all. it would make more sense in that space to do a simple flush mount, and have table and desk lamps. they make simple flush mount lights with less then a 4 inch drop. they also make faux recessed lights that attach to a juntion box and look like a recessed light, they cost 35$ each. since you are going with a modern feel of track lighting, im not sure you would want a chandelier anyway? perhaps in the "master bedroom" but in the second room is that for a guest room or a child?

  • PRO
    flair lighting

    i love the track for the living room. i think its great. are you going to have floor plugs for lamps or is the living room furniture sitting against walls?

  • PRO
  • Jonathan Look

    @flair lighting:

    I think one more thought about a centered ceiling light is how bright they can be if lying on the bed, which is another reason why I may prefer to stick with lighting on the edges of the room. Thanks for the other pictures with track lighting ideas!

    Bedroom 2: I would like flexibility as a guest or future child room.

    Living room: We are thinking about a semi-circular sofa in the middle of the room, something like below. There will be various wall outlets for floor lamps, but I might steer away from those given the small space.

  • PRO
    flair lighting

    they are in the center of the room... most bedrooms have a single center light. put in a dimmer. add wall swing arm lights for level of light options or night stand lights. its more practical than track for a second bedroom. lined up for gallery lighting......honestly. in the master i would also have a center flush mount and wall sconces.. the rooms are not that large and the bed is not in the center of the room........

    to the living room wall out lets wont help with a floating couch to get light to the sofa area.

  • Jonathan Look

    @flair lighting:

    Thanks for the idea for the living room. I can see where that extra track light comes in handy and the extra switch.

    So, just to review your thoughts on the bedroom lighting, you are suggesting we drop the track lighting there and put in center flush mounts and perhaps some wall sconces/night stands flanking the bed? (With dimmers of course)

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