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    Houzz Pro estimates helps pros earn more revenue.

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    Houzz Pro helps pros estimate twice as fast or faster.

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    Professional estimates drive better client communication.

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Estimate software that’s almost too easy…

You don’t have weeks to dedicate to learning new tools—you have estimates to send and clients to respond to! See just how seamless it is to use Houzz Pro’s cost estimating software to create accurate estimates that can help you win better projects and impress clients you really want. It’s so intuitive any construction pro can pick it up and start firing off professional, precise estimates. Better yet, the time you invest in Houzz Pro benefits your business way beyond your estimation process. You can optimize your entire workflow to spend less time on admin and be like the 70% of construction pros that generate more revenue with Houzz Pro.


The estimating program that sources costs for you

When you know exactly what a project needs, our cost estimating software helps you go from materials and hours to dollars and cents. Simply pull from our vast library of local material and labor costs to generate a grand total. Want to input your own rates or material prices? Go right ahead! Unlike rigid estimates in Excel, our estimate software is fully customizable to fit right in with the way your business operates today. Once you’ve added labor, materials, taxes and markup, Houzz Pro streamlines calculations to help remove manual error, reduce change orders and eliminate billing mistakes.


The estimate software that has your back now and later

Estimating won’t feel like a chore when your estimate program helps you cut down on admin work at the end of the day. Houzz Pro allows you to save estimates as a template so you don’t have to start from scratch each time. Save as many templates as you want and customize them as needed. It’s time to enjoy some hard-earned time off at the end of the day.


How our estimate software works

Explore the 4 quick steps that will change the estimating game as you know it. 


Start With Templates

Use our professional templates (or create your own!), then plug in the project zip code to generate accurate estimates you can customize and save.


Use Local Labor & Materials Data

Access our library of local labor and materials to save time and keep your bids competitive. our library of local labor and materials to save time and keep your bids competitive.


Set Markups & Taxes

Easily add the markups and local taxes for an estimate you feel confident in the first time around.


Track Approvals

Our estimate program allows you to send professionally branded estimates to clients and let them approve from any device with an e-signature.

How our cost estimating software benefits your business

With Houzz Pro’s estimation and costing software you can create professional looking documents that present your business as you want to be perceived. With your business name and logo pre-populated on every client document, clients will know they’re working with a qualified and capable professional.

"The estimation tool really gives us a competitive edge. Often people will hire us while they are waiting for someone else to get back to them."

Construction pro uses houzz pro takeoffs software to estimate costs

Takeoffs that take your estimates to the next level

With Houzz Pro’s estimating programs you can create fast, accurate takeoffs, then convert your takeoffs into estimates in a few clicks —no more printing plans. Just upload your plans or add measurements manually, mark them up on screen and we do the rest. Save yourself from the long nights slaving over a calculator and instead gear up to work on more exciting projects. After all, 50% of pros who use Houzz Pro say it helped them take on more projects. What will you do with the time you’ll save?


Keep leads at the ready 

See a gap in your project schedule? Houzz Pro’s estimate software is also a full-blown CRM, meaning you can see every lead’s status in one spot. Past leads can easily be tapped back into when you’re looking to book more jobs. Current leads can be quickly followed up with when they owe you a response. Tools like Email Reminders and Quick Replies take the grunt work off your plate. To top it all off, you can also view all of your financials in one place. It’s no surprise why 50% of pros who use Houzz Pro say our tools helped save them an extra hire. 


The estimate program that secures payment upfront

Once you start getting your estimates out the door faster, you’ll be hungry to keep optimizing the rest of your workflow. Houzz Pro’s estimation and costing software can help with online payments and top of the line invoicing tools. You can request a deposit and include a payment schedule in the estimate so clients know exactly how much to pay and when it's due. Let them approve the overall payment plan and conveniently pay you online. By offering the option to accept credit card or bank transfers you’ll be leaving those competitors who still require paper checks in the dust.

"It really comes down to time savings. One hour of my time is worth at least $50 to $100, so I’d rather spend that time wisely – with my family or earning new business from clients. With Houzz Pro, I’m already saving a couple hours per day."

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