An “I need it yesterday” type of construction project management app

Each minute you spend looking for something you can’t find is valuable time you could be earning money for your construction business. With Houzz Pro's construction program management software, you can organize all of the messages from clients, subs, vendors and your team. Say goodbye to scrolling infinitely through your email and hello to becoming more responsive than you ever thought you could be.

“Houzz Pro is amazing because it’s a cloud-based software that lets me have my office in my pocket. I can manage everything from my phone.”
Raymond Chung,
General Contractor

How your day could look with cloud-based construction project management software

Log in (just once) to your project dashboard and see everything you could possibly need to get through today and plan for tomorrow.

The construction project management software that keeps an eye on your finances

Anyone can log time they’ve spent on a project with a stopwatch tool while you log expenses and create change orders to capture every dollar.


Manage construction projects for less than an assistant’s salary

Adding headcount to get help fast isn’t fast (or cheap). Houzz Pro's online construction project management software is like having a dedicated personal assistant to help demolish items from your to do list, for less. You can delegate more in fewer steps with our task management feature and automated email reminders. Everyone can see what they’re responsible for, when it’s due and get reminders before they forget. Watch how task management works.


Keep everyone working in parallel

When no one knows what’s happening or when, they come knocking at your door to find answers. Houzz Pro's construction project management solution gives clients, construction teams, subs and vendors the ability to answer their own questions so you can enjoy fewer distractions throughout the day. Simply invite anyone working on a project, adjust their visibility settings and begin assigning tasks or sending messages. They can see timelines all on their own.


Not your average construction program management software

There are millions of tools that can help construction professionals like you manage projects so you can go home for the day. At Houzz Pro, we know that managing projects is just one small beam in the building that is your business. That’s why our online construction project management solution is built to also help you find new clients, win projects and get paid. Have a watch to see what we mean.

“I was using another software for estimation, and the price doubled, I wasn’t getting enough value. The price of Houzz Pro is equivalent but I’m getting way more. I use it as my CRM. I use projects every day. I use it for estimates, invoicing, and change orders. Even if I didn’t get any projects or leads from Houzz Pro, it would be beneficial. My time is worth money, and if I save an hour a day and my time is worth $50 or $100/hour you can do the math yourself, saving this much time in labor and headache.”

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