One electrical estimating tool in a suite of many

Not only is our electrical quote software quicker and easier to use, it’s also integrated into our robust electrical business management software so you can streamline your entire operation — from lead generation to estimating, project management to invoicing and more. Read on to learn how Houzz Pro electrical bidding software can reduce stress in your business while saving you time and money, and help you win more bids!


Takeoffs for more precise electrical cost estimating

In order to create a winning estimate you’ve got to start with a great takeoff. Houzz Pro electrical takeoffs can get you there faster and with far less hassle with our simple yet powerful tool. All you need to get started with your takeoff is upload your plans to Houzz Pro, which will then render on screen. In mere minutes, you can measure the dimensions of any space in your plans without having to worry about manual measurements and costly errors. 


Account for material & labor costs in no time

No more wasting time with tedious number crunching! Houzz Pro electrical estimating program makes it effortless to add your material and labor costs. Simply add your known material and labor costs for each specific area of your project as you measure. Or, you can use our built-in database to look up local material and labor costs, add them in, and voila! Houzz Pro will calculate the totals per the dimensions of your space and add everything up, ready to be transformed into a successful estimate.


Stand out with professional, lightning-fast estimates.

With an accurate takeoff completed and material and labor costs added, you’re now ready to create your winning estimate. Houzz Pro electrical contractor estimating software provides you a range of popular estimate templates you can use to make a great impression on your client. Customize the template however you like, add your branding, logo, color scheme and more. You can even create your own template from scratch right within our program. 


An electrical estimate app wired to close deals

To finalize your estimate, just add your markups, local taxes and payment schedule details. You’re now ready to send a branded, standout estimate to your client with all the professionalism needed to grab their attention and business. Houzz Pro even lets your client approve your estimate from any device with an e-signature, so you can be notified instantly that you’ve won the job.


Bid on electrical jobs — anytime, anywhere!

Never miss an opportunity to bid on a great new lead and beat the competition with our electrical estimate app, included in Houzz Pro software. Whether you’re in the office, on the jobsite, or in between, you’ll have access to our full-feature estimating software wherever you are. Create and send quotes easily from any device, so you can get your estimate in faster and win the deal. With Houzz Pro, bidding and building your business can happen right at your fingertips! Our electrical estimating software for Mac and Windows works on any device from anywhere.


The electrical quote software that expedites invoicing

Houzz Pro is not only a powerful estimating software for electricians, it’s an all-inclusive business software you can use to manage every aspect of your operation. For example, when your estimate is approved it takes just one click to generate a professional looking invoice. Organize your estimates and invoices in one place, sync with your QuickBooks Online account and watch as your dread for admin tasks starts to lessen!

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