“I signed up for Houzz Pro because I was using Houzz almost daily for inspiration. Houzz Pro has given me great exposure that impresses clients, and I’ve already gotten projects from Houzz! In fact, I got a project the first week I signed up. I am happy to market on Houzz Pro and excited to keep developing my profile.”


General contractor advertising that connects you with the right homeowners

Newspaper classifieds are so last century. Showcase your business on Houzz, the world’s #1 website and app used by homeowners for renovations, and expand your advertising reach without breaking the bank. Once leads start rolling in, you pick which budgets and project types you want and we filter out the rest.


Online advertising for contractors that expands your reach

Are you the king of kitchens? The princess of plumbing? With a Premium Profile on Houzz, you can highlight what your business does best — from projects to pricing, or deadlines to client communications. It’s your brand; build it through Houzz Pro's advertising for contractors.

Get hired for the type of work you want

Houzz Pro shows your finished projects to local homeowners during their research process. We’re also the #1 website and app for renovating homeowners. Is there any better place for your general contractor ads to be?

general contractor showcases work to new leads

Attract even more homeowners with your website

When a user see’s your ad on Houzz or through any of your other advertising efforts, they’ll look for your website to get a better idea of your work and reputation. Houzz doesn’t stop at contractor advertising. We help you build and maintain a beautiful website that expresses your brand perfectly.


General contractor advertising that works as hard as you

Competition for contractors can be fierce. Houzz Pro gives you a leg up with contractor advertising tools that not only let you showcase your portfolio of amazing projects, highlight reviews from satisfied customers, but also give you digestible reports so you can know what's working and what's not.


Wrangle multiple leads with ease

Scheduling meetings, sending follow-ups and sharing files are small tasks that produce great client experiences when done well. Our CRM is included with our general contractor advertising services and was made to help general contractors like you do these things even better.

“I’ve been on Houzz Pro for over seven years and I love it. It has gotten me a higher profile in the industry and distinguishes me from other contractors because of my five-star rating. Houzz Pro is my best source of qualified leads.”

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