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Upgrade to a digital paper trail

If your expense records are scattered, you’re not alone. Luckily, contractor expense tracking doesn’t need to be an inconvenience. In fact, it can be a quick, painless part of your day if you have Houzz Pro.

More than 50% of respondents in a study by Intuit don’t deduct all of the expenses they can from their taxes every year. 21.8% of those people can’t remember all their expenses and 17.4% don’t deduct everything because they lose their receipts. Source: Intuit

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The contractor time tracking software that helps you stop relying on memory

When it comes to making serious financial decisions for your contractor business, stats and facts are always better than assumptions and guesses. Don’t let inaccurate time tracking erode your profit margins. Our contractor time tracking software is so intuitive that getting your team to use it will be the easiest thing you do today.

How our contractor time & expense tracking software works

Simply start the stopwatch (or 2 or 3 – depending on how many projects you’re working on) to see a summary of time logged.

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The industry leading mobile time tracking app for contractors

Keep your books tight with just a few taps on your smartphone. Contractors can track time, log expenses and adjust invoices from the Houzz Pro mobile app. It’s almost too easy to monitor every project dollar.


Go from contractor expense tracking to invoices with a click

Creating custom, professional-looking invoices is not just easy when you’re tracking your time and expenses – it’s fast. Using a single tool to manage your cash flow means you have fewer passwords to remember and fewer emails to locate before you can get your invoices out the door.


Save time for yourself– and your accountant

With our contractor time tracking software you can easily export your expenses or hours to Excel for further review. Our contractor time tracking app even integrates with your QuickBooks online account so your books are always prepared for tax time.

"I was using another software for estimation, and the price doubled, I wasn’t getting enough value. The price of Houzz Pro is equivalent but I’m getting way more. I use it as my CRM. I use projects everyday. I use it for Estimates, Invoicing, and Change Orders. Even if I didn’t get any projects or leads from Houzz Pro, it would be beneficial. My time is worth money, and if I save an hour a day and my time is worth $50 or $100/hour you can do the math yourself, saving this much time in labor and headache."

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