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Get an aerial view of your most profitable projects

Get a bird's-eye view on how long a project took and what it'll cost, all in one hub—better known as Houzz Pro. The only contractor time tracking software you'll ever need.

So long, spreadsheets. Hello contractor time tracking software.

With a time-tracking "stopwatch" and a built-in expense log, your records will be more accurate than ever.


Contractor time tracking to set it and forget it

Our contractor time tracking takes the guesswork out of tracking your time—or your team's—with our stopwatch feature.

• Time yourself as you work on one or more projects
• Run multiple stopwatches at the same time
•Store time logs in the cloud and stay synced across devices
• Add as many time entries as you like


Expense as you go, or add when convenient.

Add expenses on the go or enter all your expenses at once when you're in the office.

• Add expenses to invoices with a click
• Get paid faster than ever
• Never leave money on the table
• Export expense reports to Excel in a snap


Cut back on billing time, not your profits.

Our contractor expense tracking helps you take back your time and turn every minute of hard work into dollars in your pocket.

• Log time now and invoice it all later
• Convert all of your tracked time into invoices with a click
• Create reports to export or integrate with QuickBooks Online

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Streamline where you didn't even know you could

With Houzz Pro's expense and time tracking app for contractors, you can easily keep up with every billable activity.

• Track multiple activities across all employees and projects
• View total costs for each project, person, timeframe or task.
• Analyze project efficiency to make better business decisions


Track time & expenses anywhere, anytime.

You aren't chained to your desk, so your contractor time tracking software shouldn't be either.

• Access the stopwatch tool on any mobile device
• Upload receipts in the office or in between jobs
• Log time and expenses on the spot for accurate reporting
• Enjoy your nights, you already checked logging off the list!

"Houzz Pro has solved one of my toughest challenges... time billing. I was using Quickbooks previously and it would bring me to tears. It felt tedious and overwhelming. The time tracker makes it so simple to add time as I go. I never have to sacrifice another Sunday afternoon again dedicated to time billing."

More automation. Less duplication.

Farewell, manual errors. See ya, double-entry. Our time tracking app for contractors syncs with a lot of the tools you already use so you can skip the extra work and simplify your workflow.


Built-in expert support

The Houzz Pro client services team is committed to your success. We understand your business and will help you to get the most out of our contractor time tracking software. Feel free to chat with us! We offer a lot of ways to connect:

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