"With the CRM, you don't forget to follow-up and you can see status; it's a great feature. I was looking for a CRM and now I have one included as part of Houzz Pro."


Just like your designs, every feature has a function

Client referrals, website leads — wherever potential clients are finding you, your leads can be organized within our interior design CRM. Click on any lead once imported to see what stage of the pipeline they’re in, view associated documents and files, past communication and upcoming meetings.


Less time spent reminding and more time spent designing

Every email, phone call and text message takes time away from your passion: design! With Houzz Pro’s interior design CRM you can leverage quick replies to save time sending frequently used responses. Additionally, you can gently nudge clients to review or sign proposals, freeing you up to focus on where you’re needed most.


An interior design CRM that acts as your supervisor for leads

As a designer, you have a lot to keep organized — fabric samples, client files, vendor delivery dates, the list goes on. Knock one item off the list with our CRM for interior designers: approvals. Once you send a proposal, you can track when it’s been opened, signed and answer any questions clients may have. When a client signs you are automatically notified so you can get to work on their project.


A modern approach to business management

Printed project materials are the antiques of today’s interior design business management. Houzz Pro’s interior design CRM software is cloud-based, helping create an organized home for all of your project documents. Create a single source of truth that reduces errors while increasing collaboration with your clients, subcontractors and vendors.


Boast about your most beautiful designs

While you have an eye for design, you might not have the time to design email newsletters. That’s why our CRM for interior designers features a full suite of user-friendly email marketing tools. Upload your contacts, create different email lists, choose from our professionally designed email templates or create your own. Email marketing from Houzz Pro provides the levers to optimize your email sends or be as hands off as you want to be. The choice is yours!


Make a visual first impression

Homeowners don’t always know how many different ways an interior designer can bring value to their project, making client consultations critical for closing a deal. Give clients the opportunity to see and hear your vision while also freeing you up to meet from wherever you need to be that day. Whether you’re traveling from a vendor’s office to a job site, at home getting some admin work done or a full-time e-designer, video consultations provide another flexible option for meeting clients for the first time.


Business solutions that complement one another

Just as you aim to create cohesive designs for your interior design clients, your lead management should be cohesive with the rest of your business solutions. Our interior design CRM software integrates with Gmail, Outlook, Zoom, QuickBooks and more. Never sacrifice one tool for another. Houzz Pro plays well with others so you can reach maximum business efficiency.

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