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How our asphalt paving estimating software works

Accurate takeoffs

Upload plans and let us do the complex calculations.

Material database

Choose from our library or add your own material costs.

Factor in labor

Add local labor costs fast using project zip codes.

Preview & send

Add taxes or fees then view your professionally branded estimate.


Paving takeoffs that avoid paving rework

We’ve all been there. Rushing to get a bid in and forgetting to think through the “what ifs” that prevent costly overruns. With Houzz Pro, takeoffs can happen up to 10x faster giving you more time to ensure your estimates are as accurate as possible. Additionally, because our paving software is cloud based, team members will always be working off of the same versions. We help keep everyone on the same page so you can submit bids faster.


Create asphalt paving estimates specific to your needs

No two paving businesses are alike, so your estimating software needs to be flexible enough to adapt to whatever you need. While Houzz Pro offers tools to speed up estimating like templates and a database of local labor and material costs, we also make it quick to add your own line items. Just drag and drop to tweak your estimate to be exactly how you want it. You can even create a template using your own line items to save time on future projects.


Estimates so good your competitors will wonder how you do it

Getting your bid in before a deadline is only half the battle. Sharing estimates in a clean, professional format can make a huge difference on a client’s first impression. But estimates that look nice take time…unless you have Houzz Pro’s paving software. With the click of a button you can turn a takeoff into an estimate professionally branded with your company name and logo. File sharing makes it a breeze to get estimates into the hands of clients quickly. You can even request approval with an e-signature on the spot, too.

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