Roofing CRM that has your leads covered

Our CRM for roofing helps you generate leads, win jobs and communicate with clients all in one system—from wherever you happen to be. Computer and mobile versions sync instantly so you can start estimates in your office and finish them in the field. With Houzz Pro, you don’t have to split your time between roofing work and running a roofing business. You can do both. At the same time.


All your leads under one roof

Leads come from all different sources: directory listings, email, phone, your neighbor’s friend’s cousin. Our roofing CRM not only keeps track of your leads, it gives you visibility over the entire process. Move prospects from stage to stage so you always know what your next step is, and when to follow up. You can even “snooze” leads if you’re buried in work. We’ll remind you later so you never miss out on future job opportunities.


Connect face-to-face, no plugins required.

Skip the extra scheduling and hosting tools. Video calls are integrated into our roofing CRM software. From consultations to client check-ins, homeowners can book time directly on your calendar, freeing you from back-and-forth coordination. Once scheduled, confirmation emails are automatically generated so all you need to do is show up. 


Attract (and keep!) the clients you want to work with.

Email is not only effective at generating new business, it’s also a great way to remind existing clients of your value so they come back and spread the word to others. Since stand-alone email marketing software can add to your monthly costs, we built it right into our roofing CRM. With auto-saved lists and professionally-designed templates, sending marketing emails just might be the easiest part of your day.

More perks of our roofing CRM

Email subscribers, clients, vendors, leads and more all live right here. Choose your list, compose your email and hit send. Easy does it.


Bid faster and celebrate more paydays

When it comes to roofing estimates, we know speed and accuracy are critical to landing jobs and turning a profit. Our takeoff tech lightens your load with click-and-drag measuring so you know exactly how much roofing material is needed. Check local labor and material costs from our library, make a few calculations and presto—your estimate is ready to send. When it comes time to wrap up a job, collecting payment is even easier. Simply turn your estimate into an invoice that clients can pay instantly online. What you do with all that extra time is up to you.

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