"This accurate takeoff system has increased my turnaround rate by 70%. Previously I was losing time printing plans and spending money to employ a guy to bid 4 jobs a day. Now, I do it all myself."


Buy the right amount of product every time

You know better than anyone that not ordering enough tile, hardwood, stone, etc. can delay projects, especially if you’re already dealing with product shortages or supply chain issues. But, as you also know, over-buying can quickly eat into your profits. Our flooring takeoff software accurately measures every inch of surface area so you know exactly how much material to buy. Not too much; not too little. Make it just right every time.


Time is money

We know flooring doesn’t install itself, which is why our software calculates labor costs for you. Simply input your team’s hourly rates and let Houzz Pro do the math for you, calculating labor costs room by room and project by project. Combine this with the product calculations you’ve automatically generated and you’ve got an accurate estimate from start to finish.


Take our flooring estimating app with you anywhere

Never miss out on that next job. With our mobile app you can start your estimate in the office, then finish it up and send it out from a job site (or from home, a coffee shop…virtually anywhere). Our easy-to-use mobile interface will help you quickly find what you’re looking for—whether you’re picking up where you left off or starting from scratch. So the next time you’re working up an estimate, instead of telling a prospective client you’ll “send it later,” you can confidently say, “It’s in your inbox.”


Estimates, payments, project management and more.

Takeoffs are just the beginning. With Houzz Pro, everything you need to run your flooring business is right at your fingertips.

Additional perks our flooring estimating software can offer

Turn estimates into invoices with just a few clicks. Your company branding stays consistent across all documents for a professional client experience every time.


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