Houzz Editor Shares 3 Tips for Upgrading Your Yard

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Houzz Editor Shares 3 Tips for Upgrading Your Yard

In this episode of Houzz TV Live, editor Annie Thornton discusses a Toronto family’s renovated front yard and backyard, which is a project by Earth and Sole that Thornton recently wrote about for a Patio of the Week. Thornton shares three takeaways from that project that any homeowner can use to create welcoming and relaxing outdoor spaces.

Think about ways you can create interest and invitation for passersby, such as by planting a tree that will one day shade the sidewalk. Consider repurposing rock, pavers or other materials from your house or yard to save money and layer in history. And choose design elements, like a shaded lounge space or vegetable garden, that will reinforce how you want to spend time in your yard.

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Marwood Construction

I spend most of my time sitting back and analyzing various ways to change the look of my house and that of others. This is when I came across this particular blog post, which gives you three top tips on how to redesign your front and back yard. I loved the thought the writer has put while crafting the same. Applying the same would most definitely make your back or front yard look excellent. Having said that, the only way you can apply these seamlessly is by having professionals do the job for you. Always remember to go for experienced certified individuals who have a good reputation in the market before fixing on the General Contractor for the job.

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Idymilson Oliveira

Okay Wow!!!! ✈ 🦅 🇦🇫...