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I have a reclaimed wood top on my kitchen island. Love it, but the top is "unfinished", and crumbs tend to migrate to the nooks and crannies.

Any advice on how to fill the knots and/or finish the wood? Would like to retain the matte natural look, while making maintenance easier.


Pat H.
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Greg Drew
patrn 12, for large cracks I use fine, similarly colored sawdust and Cyano-Acrylate (Super-Glue). Most hardware stores sell it under there own brand or Loctite brand. Just push the sawdust into the area to be filled and drip the CA glue on. It will soak in and dry almost instantly. DON'T TOUCH IT TO SMOOTH IT OUT. CA glue was invented for field suturing wounds in emergencies and hardens almost instantly to skin. A little light sanding when it's dry should smooth things up. To seal the surface I like a product put out by the Sutherland-Welles company of Hyde Park, Vermont. It's called " Millies". It's made from a natural orange oil base with special waxes dissolved in it. Very easy to wipe on. I use it for some of the wooden salad bowls I make. The finish looks like a hand rubbed oil finish with a lot less rubbing.Good Luck.
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