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Tammy West
bathroim organization
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Tansel Stainless Steel Pull Out Storage

Adding slide out storage to bathroom vanities is quiet easy. This stainless steel drawer was added to the bottom of the cabinet to make everything accessible. It's also a completely water resistant solution, which is really important in wet areas. See more...

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Webado Webada

I cringe when I see towels stacked near the floor on open shelves. We keep the towels being used on their towel racks in the bathroom and extra clean towels in the linen closet. I guess we are lucky to have a linen closet, but if we didn't we'd have to find a cupboard to act as one.

Our ensuite bathroom is quite a large rectangle (6' x 12') but poorly laid out. The vanity and toilet are against the short wall, the walk-in shower against the other short wall. There's a big expanse between those 2 short walls, but the door is in the middle of one long wall and the window in the middle of the other one, so not much can be added in the way of cabinets. The vanity has no drawers so it's a challenge. . For now I have some stackable plastic drawers in the bottom of the vanity cabinet. I cannot add a pull out tray there due to the plumbing that takes up a lot of space. Those bottom drawers are not so easily accessible, so I also have a small plastic drawer unit sitting on the counter, for makeup and stuff. Kind of messy and a clutter magnet where things end up on top as well. Due for a decluttering TODAY.

Luckily we are empty nesters, so the family bathroom is all my husband's, while the ensuite is all mine. The family bathroom has a much better layout with a double sink vanity and drawers. I'm jealous LOL

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