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Love this! I dont have a sister either, but have been so lucky my best friend since kinder (that's a-hem, 36 years!), became my framily. Like my sister, we have and always will be there for each other and love nothing more than to do all the mundane tasks (gardening, shifting furniture) as well as all the special things together (like having our daughters 2 months apart!).
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I love this story. I have wonderful family that bridges ages from 35 to 75 years of age and each person brings so much to the group. We all met through a running group and the rest is history and so many beautiful memories. The best part is you get to choose your framily.
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Being a lone term solo migrant, 2018 has brought me a wonderful surprise. I was involved in the labour and emergency delivery of my friend's son. She asked me to be her son's grandma and although we don't look alike, our hearts are all united into a "framily bond of love". I feel deeply blessed.

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