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Upholstery Club's Shelly Leer

If you can, I'd remove the back covering of the headboard and just start switching them out. If you can provide a photo of the headboard, I can give you specific information.

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Thank you! I will take photos ASAP. :-)

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Beverly Beard

I'd love a suggestion. I have two curved upholstered benches purchased from IO Metro a couple years ago. Each had six covered "tufted" buttons but unfortunately, our obnoxious dog in no time chewed all of these buttons off. Now only the base of the covered button remains. What to do? I've tried to find button cover frames that would fit over existing bases and I thought I'd use a complementary fabric to replace, but I can't find the same size cover. I don't want to remove the bases because I would imagine that will only leave 13 holes . . . . . .

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