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Spring Creek Aquatic Concepts
We are sorry so many of you have to work so hard to maintain your ponds. The better the design, the less work required. We also break just about every rule stated in the comments. Our clients enjoy their ponds without the repeated exercise to keep them clean. Knowledge is king.
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Deborah lippitt
We considered buying a home with a large Koi pond, the owner has had Koi for over 40 years..He had a gunite pond for some years against advise but he said it worked fine. He also suggested if we bought the place to put a roof over the pond...( I was thinking red metal to look oriental) The roof protects pond from sun thus cutting down on algae bloom. He used the auxiliary tub with plants for filtration and it had worked for 18 years. Roof also keeps out leaves in fall. He had steep sides and no problems from varmints and he lived in the country. Herons came by but as pond was so deep fish escaped those lethal beaks!(5 feet)
Love that first pond! WOW Loads of great ideas and pictures. We bought a home without a pond and that is one of the first things I will start designing! Love them but you do need a seating area next to them..they are so soothing.
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Chris Unruh
We opted to line ours with rubber due to the price constraints of gunnite, but it turned out great with the custom crafted fountain...the plants do a great job of adding extra filtration and beauty, not to mention habitat for dragonflies, butterflies, wasps, bees, etc.! Awesome. Thanks due to Rohdes in Dallas for helping this become a reality.
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