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Does anybody know a good source for cordless top down bottom up woven wood shades?
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Nathan Moffat

I like how you said that there are roller shutters and shades that have perforations that allow light to come through still. This would be perfect for our bedroom because we have a window that opens up to a busy road. I'll have to talk to my wife to see if she would buy one for me as a Christmas gift so we can have some more privacy. 

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Easton Memmott

I loved your tip to use floor to ceiling drapes which will allow sunlight to travel through them in the bedrooms of the first floor of your home. I have been looking for window drapes for my home, and I was surprised to learn that you should have more security from drapes on the first floor because it will stop people from looking into your home. I will be sure to find drapes which will allow sunlight for the bedrooms on the first floor of my home.

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