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@Steven Stivers: You can buy chemical removers such as "Goop", "Permatex" and others or DIY. I use alcohol. I soak a cloth in it then rub the sticker. Repeat as necessary. You can also use oil in combo with baking soda or just plain oil. Baby Oil, Olive Oil - any kind of oil you have around. I wouldn't use hydraulic or motor oils nor acetone. Let it soak into the glue - 5 to 10 minutes. Repeat as necessary. I've even used silicone spray to loosen up the glue, too. Other things that also work to one degree or another are white vinegar, mineral spirits/turpentine, paint thinner, WD-40 or anything that might dissolve glues without etching the metal. Saturate it well and give it a few minutes to work. To scrape - use a plastic scraper, a ruler or an old credit card will do. Then rinse thoroughly.

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Victoria Villeneuve

Steven Stivers: I bought three tanks from Behlen. I tried removing one decal by using many of the methods mentioned by celestina89. It was very difficult, and the adhesive still isn't entirely gone. When I contacted Behlen for advice, I was told that the decals aren't meant to come off. I'm reluctant to try this again on the other two tanks for fear of harming the galvanized coating.

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@Victoria Velleneuve: short of punching a hole into the tank, it ain't easy to simply remove the zinc coating. Of course, if you have a grinder - have at it. Or use sandpaper - lots of it. A welder or any hot torch will remove the coating and while it does will emit toxic gasses. You can use vinegar (acidic acid) or muriatic acid but you'll have to soak the entire label in a vat of vinegar for a long time. You can scrape it with a metal object which will scrape the zinc and open up possible rust to set in, too.

But yeah, you do have to work a bit to remove those glued labels regardless if on a dog bowl, plastic item, vehicle or stock tank!

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