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Not to be a buzz kill (and I haven't read all of the comments) but I raised kids in an apartment and then a carpeted house. Simple rule- EAT AND DRINK IN THE KITCHEN and dining area. I have a family child care program and follow this simple rule. It's amazing that 6 kids from 1-4 can't destroy my off-white West Elm couch or my light colored carpet in the living room. My husband and I fought over hard floors when we remodeled recently and I did carpet again in the playroom and living room. I agree things should be washable (I also have 3 dogs) and comfortable. We don't have a coffee table- I was really glad when the ottoman thing became popular.

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my kids have wonderful manners and yes, for the assuming commentors, they do only eat in the kitchen. That, however, is no argument against choosing practical furniture! I certainly don't want to spend all my time worrying about having things pristine and whatever visitors may do. my life's too short for that!

my husband and I, on the other hand, both have terrible memories of our grandparents' homes where things were not to be touched, everything was covered in plastic, and healthy childhood behaviors were discouraged. do as you please, just remember that your home is a reflection of you.
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I understand where you're coming from- my home is VERY kid and dog friendly and comfortable. I just work hard to pay for new things in my home and don't get them very often- finally got a new couch after 20 years and a foster dog tore up the upholstery on the back cushions. I have a throw blanket over it- the rest of the couch looks great and you'd never know. The kids are welcome on my couch and sit there all of the time, but no shoes on the furniture. And my current living room chairs came from Craigslist and Facebook Marketplace, but I still have the no standing or jumping off of the furniture rule.

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