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PaddyRheaPrakash P
Micro kitchen for the guest bedroom on the side wall...this can have a drawer fridge under it for sink, stove, fridge, microwave functionality
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so now the question is, when do you pull the trigger and renovate, and when do you wait juuuuuuuust a little bit longer for that great new technology to get all the kinks worked out?
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@spandanglylamb: To answer your question. I think it depends on how antsy one is to have the latest invention, technology, etc. There are lots of people who must have it immediately. Remember the long lines around the block for the next iPhone or when that Starbucks opened in your area or even when the popular payment mobile app technology began to create it's own long lines?

There are people who just have to be the "first" to get new technology.

Then there are others that prefer to wait and see what shakes out. Look at the Tesla electric vehicle. Lots of folks (mostly those who could afford it) ordered the Tesla - More than 200 Roadsters were sold pre-production in 2007. The first delivery was in February 2008. Turned out there were quite a few difficulties that had to be ironed out. Sales slowed down. Once the problems were fixed, the sales took off and today it's the largest selling electric vehicle in the world. The first smart watch (Microsoft) was a failure, but the technology bounced back with the Apple smart watch a few years later. TV Monitors in 2007 didn't do so well until technology improved. WebTV came along and quietly died in 2013. Now, it's built into every iPad, iPhone, Mac and most PCs. TouchPads were a hit with HP but died due to lack of apps. Not, today! Remember the Google eyeglasses in 2013? No, it hasn't died yet and is still being worked on to improve. Maybe next year?

So, sometimes it pays to wait a bit to see what shakes out. It's your choice. Antsy or wait to see what works and what doesn't.

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