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We have a concrete driveway that extends from the front to the rear of the property and also into the double garage. When we purchased the house over 22 years ago, the concrete had quite a few cracks in it and it has progressively got worse. Additionally we hired a builder to do some extensions and they cut the concrete to replace the sewer and the joints have all cracked. We have had a few people look at what we could do but most say "Dig it up and start again". What?? at approximately $15000, no thank you. But this gravel proposal may be the answer. Can it be placed directly on top of the concrete driveway? Any suggestions most welcome

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vicki Lavender

I would use an expanding filler into the cracks and use painted/stained & Stamped Pattern concrete on top.

And use the filler under the concrete where it's falling away, stopping more cracks from happening for good.

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Elizabeth Bradshaw
on a previous property our long driveway was orangey gravel rolled into bitumen. lived the natural look of it. have tried to find someone to do on Perth new build but can only find ugly purpley brown colour. if anyone knows a tradesman in Perth who does similar orangey gravel would love to know.
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