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Raisa Hannus

Great article! My home is 100% me, as I remodeled and pieced it together on a tight budget from "leftovers" and basic supplies. Meet Scandinavian engineer turned into a Florida Keys diving instructor :)

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I love Jeanie's home. That is my style but my house is the complete opposite. I also keep it quite empty as I hate cleaning but I really need to add on some personal things. Please ignore the plastic on the bench in the entrance hall. It has been on there for 3 years. Everything in the house is cheap or second hand except for my 2 couches. I made the runner on the table and chairpads, and the plastic covered cushions and the colourful cushions on my couches myself. I also covered the tub chair which was an ugly faux leather before myself as one can clearly see. Lack of funds means I always compromise, sadly. The dining table is a cheap pine set I painted over 2 days.
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Carol Catlin
It’s fun figuring out how to do interiors that match others too! This is my daughter’s bedroom. Shabby Chic X Color Infusion.
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