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Dpgs, that “fire page” was an interesting read. I’d never thought about metal screens being safer, or that animals on fire might take refuge under my wood deck (horrible image!). I disagree on a couple plants cited as fire hazards (“anise” and red buckwheat), but then I don’t live in the Fallbrook area and have never seen huge swaths of those plants growing in the landscape. And no one here grows them up against a house. On my property red buckwheat grows low and puts up modest bloom stalks. I’m glad to read that firefighters like ceanothus. I was surprised he didn’t mention manzanita being a hazard. The leaves catch fire easily, and once the dense wood of a mature plant gets going it burns really hot.

You can do all you can to be responsible, though, and if your neighbor lets her acres of tall, dense, brown-out grass and weeds go unmowed you are still screwed.

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Rebecah Raye

Chartreuse is yellow green, not pink. Must refer to the leaves, not the flowers.

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FormLA Landscaping

Hi Lauren, thanks for including us and mentioning LA's high powered natives!

For those in in LA, the fire-wise Authentic Foothill Gardens and Sunland Welcome Nature Garden are publicly accessible places to experience fire wise aesthetics.

The Sunland garden website highlights plants to avoid to help LA mitigate our fire danger. Descanso Gardens is also hosting a fire wise landscaping workshop in September that will cover both dos and don'ts for fire mitigation.

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