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Diane Rizzi
Amazing transformation!
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Handwerk Art and Design

Hi all and thanks for the appreciation of this project! It was a great client, effective re-design, and smooth execution.

Jasper- We designed and drew the pegboard and our millworker fabricated it out of maple plywood. They are mounted on the wall with cleats and also have shelves that were unfinished at the time of the photoshoot.

To address some comments, keep in mind these that photographs are about the space, not the kitchen equipment. The owners sent us photos of the pegboard filled up with their pots and utensils, and it is a much different image!

Along with the open cubbies, the owners like accessible storage (like the pegboard) that allows easy access to their ingredients and kitchen tools. These elements, more closed cabinet space, and more counter space are all new additions to this kitchen.

Sabrina- We agree about the area of visible wall to the bottom right. In the original design this was filled in, but with the cabinets maxing out their width, another panel gets in the way of the doors opening. Originally instead of a pegboard there was to be a different system of pot racks, but rather late in the project we re-designed the wall for the more versatile pegboard instead, after the cabinets were already in.

More photos of this and other projects at


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Dunemi Moore

@Handwerk Art and Design: I went to your website and the Barclay Apartment blew me away. What a beautiful design project! Outstanding.

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