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Five Star Painting of Auburn

Instant pot would work wonders during a remodel! These are some great ideas and will definitely be something we can tell our customers to get them through the hard and trying times!

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Sussie Khan

I found a tool that it seems really helpful because it estimates the cost of the kitchen remodel, is this one:
I wanted to share that with you because all of you've been sharing good
tips, and I never lived through a kitchen remodel before, so I'm a
little bit worried, haha, but this article and the comments have really
good suggestions that I'll apply for sure, I'm taking notes. Thank you!

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We are in the midst of a kitchen remodel this fall/winter.
Lucky for us we have a remodeled basement with a family room for our makeshift kitchen.
We are using our microwave, coffee pot, toaster, crockpot, outdoor grill and
camp stove as needed. We purchased a small hot plate for about $20. We have a second full size frig in the basement – a huge benefit!
Clean up is in the adjacent laundry room sink.

Boxing up the
Far in advance we obtained as many of our storage containers. We
were lucky to borrow a few plastic storage bins. Friends who get weekly Home
Chef deliveries saved boxes for us. Those are nice size boxes for packing as
they don’t get overly heavy. I packed rarely used items, odd spices, wall pictures,
other décor, etc., a week or two in advance. As we used pantry items, we didn’t
replace them so we had a little less to pack. When boxing, make sure
you take the time to mark boxes. It sure helps
if you can find items you’re looking for quickly to lessen frustration.

Donation Box: About
a month before construction I went through cabinets and drawers to pull items we
rarely used or no longer wanted. This included items in the basement
that would provide more storage for the kitchen boxes! We
donated our old stove, sink and faucet to a local church thrift
store that had free pick-up – a great time saver! They even took an old trash compactor for
scrap savage.

Food prep ahead of
As part of our plan to cut down on eating out, we made meals in advance. The weekend before demo day, we made a
turkey with all the fixings. We froze some turkey for
soup to be made in a slow cooker during the project. The leftovers were heated up in the microwave. We prepared meals that
we froze like chicken stew, and baked batches of granola. You could
make pancakes in advance and freeze them, then pop them in the toaster.

Cooking for leftovers:
We like soups and chili so during the work we made a big batch of chili in the slow
cooker. That covered a number of lunches and dinners that were quickly heated
up in the microwave, and provided easy meal clean-up too.

Lastly, if you have friends or family doing a remodel, ask
them over for a meal. It’s the perfect time to catch up and they will truly appreciate
a home cooked meal away from the construction zone! J

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