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@ggghhhjjjkkk, those animals are bred as exotic pets. It’s a horrible trade, in my opinion:

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sparaxis2 & pfmaher,

Thank you both for your compassionate comments, and the suggestion of funding anti-poaching instead, sparaxis. It's a heinous industry all-round. From the link you supplied, pfmaher:

"Many Servals that we have bred can also be seen in Zoos and Animal Parks throughout the country."

[So these breeders are also fueling zoo and "animal park" captivity as well]

"The Serval In Captivity:

A Serval is a wild animal and usually doesn’t make a great house pet.
The wild cat will live up to 20 years old and needs zoo-like
outside/inside facilities with a large enough exercise area to run, a
pool in which to swim and dive, and an area with lots of climbing
possibilities. Servals will escape from anything that is not totally
secure and are unlikely to return once having escaped. Servals are
solitary animals and like to travel many miles when hunting."

Savannah Cats:

"When breeding a domestic household cat with a beautiful exotic animal such as the African Serval, it takes caution...Higher percentage Savannahs are very difficult to breed. It takes many
years and a lot of luck to mate a Serval with a domesticated cat...A cat is not a piece of art or accessory. It’s a living, breathing
animal with complex needs. That’s why it’s so important to get a healthy
cat who has been bred in a way that minimizes the likelihood of serious
health, behavior, or temperament issues."

One need only think about the original cross-breeding process, whether it involved wild male servals mating with female domestics, or female servals and male domestics, think about the fear, etc. the DOMESTIC cats caught in this trade are subjected to, being forced to breed with WILD cats they would naturally fear...and how many kittens who aren't "pure" enough are killed off in this cruel industry.

And I will repeat, these people's domestic cat must live in a constant and *instinctual* state of stress and fear of being killed or eaten by, if not their Savannah, at least by their much larger and wilder SERVAL. And if these exotics aren't "declawed" (a horribly cruel amputation for ANY type of cat, that should NOT be done), one errant swipe with those large claws, or even one pounce, could severely injure or even kill a domestic cat.

The harsh reality of what funding/purchasing cats through this industry results in:

"Each year, millions of animals are poached or farmed and sold into the
exotic pet trade. Whether the trade is legal or illegal, these animals
suffer terribly. A life in captivity limits an exotic pet’s natural
behaviour and places both their physiological and psychological
well-being at risk."

Since this is not an accredited sanctuary for the countless victims of this industry, there is no excuse in my books, and many people already know there is nothing redeeming about this whole, sorry picture.

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This might just be the most incredible house I've ever seen! Brilliant in every way!

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