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Please purge your stuff, as was mentioned by a few people. Your children WILL thank you for it. I lost my mother 5 years ago. She had done a lot of purging over the years, but there was still a lot of things, which were agonizing to go through and find new homes for. I still have too much from her. We lost my mother-in-law almost two years ago. She was a hoarder. It was bad. After disposing of the worst of the mess, we are left with a 8x40 ft and a 8x25 ft shipping container full of her "treasures". My husband, who is showing hoarding tendencies now, cannot bear to just donate it. He needs to sell it, bit by bit, or at garage sales. We could have a garage sale every week for two years and still not be done. We lost my father-in-law last year, and there was much less "stuff", which was easier to deal with. Please, for the sake of those you leave behind, don't leave a mess. Let them remember YOU, not the junk you left behind.

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Good Answer.

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Sylvia sylvester
I found myself in business doing air b&b with three properties. So keeping possessions worth money was tough. I found myself having to move boxes labeled silver and fragile from residence to residence. It took me a bit to figure out that the stuff was just that, stuff. It belonged to two mother in-laws as I was married twice. One of the women I never even met. Boxes of costume jewelry, pretty stuff but I am 72 Have never been into allot of jewelry or glitz, so unless I go off my rocker, I will never use it. My daughter in law is a Sargent in the air force, she isn’t going to use it either. So off to the humane society thrift store with it. I even have boxes of photographs of my second husbands previous wedding and their pictures. They are all dead and so I plan to sit in front of my wood stove this week look at these pics one last time and burn them up. I am down to about 100 pieces of clothing. I have taken allot to the thrift shop. I have till May to get down to 37 pieces. I find I save allot saying I can wear that doing yard work. Heck I want to look cute in the yard too. I am going to trash that stuff called work clothes. If it is that big a job I am going to hire someone else to do it. If I find I need more new clothes good I’ll go buy new, or maybe even go to the thrift store myself. 37 pieces. I have a RV just waiting for me to climb aboard with one suitcase. Leave the houses to air B&B to pay for my care free life. Oh and I use my silverware every day. It is beautiful and makes me feel luxurious. I drink out of $200. Steuben glasses and until they are broken I can pretend I receive $7000 a week from publishers Clearing House. LOL. The less I have the happier I am. Try it you will like it too.
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