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Love these bars. We recently finished our basement and put a small wine bar in. We wallpapered a wall with stone looking paper. Then converted post office cubbies into a wine rack with reclaimed wood and used a butcher block from an old grocery store as our bistro set. We enjoy this area
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I am confused about many of these - they are beautiful, but many of them have a huge collection of different glasses and no evidence of actual alcohol or mixers. There is also very little room to add them in a usable space without taking up counter-space.

For a basic bar in my current apartment that can provide 7 or so classic cocktails and my own scotch whisky, I need at least 10-15 bottles, most of them not the highly designed hendriks or benedictine bottles we have seen here. They are prettily corraled on a brass tray on a table in the corner of my living room with an ice bucket and a bowl of oranges and lemons and some whisky glasses. A larger brass bowl is underneath, ready to take ice for cooling. I'd love a bar for all of that and the highball/tumbler/martini glasses now in the kitchen, but I would make sure that there was space for visible and accessible bottles.

If you only drink wine and beer you don't need a wet bar and if you don't drink cocktails or aperitifs / digestifs you don't need 10 types of glassware.

Some of these look great, but many of these look like bars designed by people who don't drink...

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My favorite is #14 it is so glamorous, I really love the light.
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