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Webado Webada

@Nicholas Carlton, I believe you but I cannot help remembering my dad (who passed away 3 years ago) who also claimed to be orderly and organized. Except their house was anything but orderly (except on the surface LOL). Dad used to give Mom everything that needed to be put away ... and she'd hide it somewhere out of sight. Oh the treasures and oddities I found when I cleared their apartment after Mom also passed 18 months ago!

Dad never threw away anything that was broken, he put it aside for a day when he might be able to "fix" it. So it was that I found not one, not two, not three but five broken vacuum cleaners in the (huge) storage room in the basement of their building! And many other similarly broken and useless things. The locker room was packed to the ceiling and wall to wall. There was almost nothing useful there except a case of windshield washer dating back at least 5 years from when he was still driving. Poor dear old Mom and Dad! Married 63 years....

I am currently decluttering my ensuite bathroom. Slowly ... I need to think why I have 7 nail clippers ... 5 nail files ... 5 heel scrapers ... 6 shoe horns ... 30 pens that don't write ... 30 eye liner pencils (in addition to the ONE I actually use)... 30 dubious lipsticks ... 20 bottles of nail polish (all dry) and so on. My house too looks neat to all visitors, but what's stashed away out of view is horrific and it will keep me busy way into my golden years.

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I used a professional organizer and am thinking of doing it again. I have never beeen organized and neither is anyone in my immediate family. The organizer set up my closet for me seven years ago and I have kept the closet in the same way ever since. The organizer taught me important concepts such as keep like with like, labeling and showed me how to use containers to separate those like with like items. It was invaluable. I am good at sticking with a plan but not good at implementing a plan. If I can muscle up the money I think I will have someone come out to teach my son how to organize his legos and drawings. Maybe that person can help me with my home office.

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Nancy Fisher

astridmoise....What a great idea to get your son organized while he is still able to make it a life skill!

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