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Laura A.

We had the same leak in the fridge water line. The good news is that most of the water seeped into our basement storage room below over a few days and was mostly absorbed by an old chair that daughter had at the U. of Alabama. I had heard noises around the fridge, but since no water puddled on floor a leak outside the fridge never occurred to me. It wasn't until I went to the basement and smelled the formerly beer-saturated, now waterlogged chair that we discovered the leak. Result: chair gone (a relief anyway), damage to storage room minimized thanks to chair, I watched a You Tube on how to fix the water line (a $3 fix) and I cut out my own drywall behind the fridge and put fans on all, from above and below. The lack of drywall behind fridge for the last 8 mos. will have to remain until we get daughters' weddings paid off, but until then I'm planning the kitchen re-model!!!

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Karen Burchfield

We installed a Flo-Logic device in our home. When away, we engage it and it will sense water flow and shut off all water to the house. It is connected to our home alarm system and we will receive notification. Peace of mind is so worth it, and homeowner's insurance discount. Previous owners had fridge water line leak resulting in damage to hardwood floors. We also eliminated the ice maker!

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It would be helpful to get water tips on hard water stains on granite countertops and Petrofina countertops.

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