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Hi, I need your advice.Several years ago I had three gold rim eyeball recessed lightening
installed in my living room. (all dimmers) Two to highlight a painting above my sofa,
and one accenting my Japanese screen. Now that I added more seating I need
to add one or two more recessed lightening. My question ...the existing ones
have a gold rim . (just like the picture below but shinier. Should I
continue with the gold rim recessed lightening over the new added
seating area to keep it the same. Or do I just install the one or two plain
recessed lightening with a no color rim? ( Then having two
kinds of lighting.) Or install one or two more gold rim recessed lights?
Please help

See the dark area near the verticals...this is where I want to add 1 or 2 recessed lightening but I dont know if I should continue with the gold rim, or plain ones. Also do I need one or two recessed lightening in that dark area. I appreciate any suggestions and/or advice that you can extend. TKU

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We have a sunroom with huge spotlights in the corner. We want to remove them and put something that will provide light and am wondering if can lights that can be turned to shine in different directions would be a good idea. Or perhaps you have a better suggestion what to use.

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