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Tamela, this probably isn't helpful, but I had such a hard time finding information about "modest" additions (anything under $100k or 1,000 sq ft) that I've decided to blog about our experience at We just bought our first house, which is a 900 sq ft 1960s ranch in Austin, TX, and we're adding 400 sq ft of interior space plus a 220 sq ft ranch. There's no technical info on my blog but I'm detailing the plans and construction process, including costs, as much as possible.
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Paul Langley

This is some really helpful information about home additions and extensions. I really liked your points about what to ask yourself beforehand, because a lot of the time people will rush into it without really considering if it is going to be enough to solve the issues they're having with their current floor plan. I also agree completely that smaller additions can really help a space seem much larger, particularly in kitchens and living rooms. Thanks so much for writing! 

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Laura Mac

Tamela, you might want to hire an architect/structural engineer and find out what you are able to do properly/to code. Probably a few hundred $$$ to hire a good engineer to give you ideas of what could realistically be done, then get an architect (or maybe not necessary) to draw up plans. Then get a few contractor bids to see what the real cost would be. I don't think anyone here could give you professional advice without inspecting your property/foundation/load bearing walls, etc. I think your place is so cute...

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