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I really think that straw bale construction and insulation should be mention, when discussing eco friendly insulation & building construction. Strawbale insulation has a typical R-value greater than 10. Most traditional insulation are lucky to get hire than 2.5 R-value, to put it into perspective. Just imagine the heating and cooling costs such a high degree of insulation would save?! Not to mention less power used means less use of fossil fuel and environmentally damaging methods from such power plants A well constructed strawbale home also has the advantages of thicker walls for extreme weather protection. I have read of people who have built their home in the far north of Western Australia, which is extremely hot climate and subject to cyclones. There are stawbale homes over 200 years old still standing in parts of South American States.


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Would love to know more about alternative choices for things such as insulation, air systems, de-humidifiers, siding, flooring, water tanks, etc. It's true, a builder is going to chose the least expensive and easiest to install option. Doesn't make him a bad guy but he's not considering the extended use of the house. Please do more articles with this kind of information. Looks aren't everything.

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I'm glad natural alternatives are being made. But we must realize the neglect and abuse of the Animals used for wool. Thank you

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