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This hot, dry summer has brought home the importance of shade in Texas. Even plants that were nearly choked by tall weeds did better than their weeded counterparts due to the shade the weeds provided. Plants that were in groupings did better than those who stood alone due to the shade. This went contrary to the standard drought gardening advice that recommends adequately spacing the plants and removing weeds. This year's gardening lesson is to companion plant for shade in the Southern summer garden.

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Pamela- I had never seen a picture of almonds on a tree though I have wondered what they must look like. They seem a little similar to pecans which also split their thick, exterior skins when the nuts are nearly ripe.

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Debbie Lusk

I was thinking a community garden space here in the PNW would be so much fun and so sweet to tend to. The joke is on me as I am spending my entire summer with my allotment filled with Borage and Calendula and bees which I love btw. But it's time to remove some spent blooms and find my pumpkin starts and pickling cucumbers underneath all that mess. I did however, make rooms for some August beet planting along with dill and some cilantro and they seem to be thriving next to the Borage and tomato plants! Oh and the weeds... don't me started!

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