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Like low growing blue grass
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Thanks for this article. It's the first one I've seen with steep slopes like we have, front and back. Just bought the place and while it has some large spreading junipers on part of the front slope, the rest is grass and weeds. So before any beauty goes in, we need to clean and rake and cover everything with fabric and mulch for awhile. I do love dry stacked stone walls and they will look great along the back with room for some coverage plants. I have no idea what to do with the front, it's such a mess. There's no money to hire someone. Why can't people take just a little time, just a little, an hour or two a week, to try and maintain their landscape? I just don't get it. BTW are those dog skeletons in image 4?
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FormLA Landscaping

Thank you EarthWaveGirl! Our October 2015 newsletter, just published today, contains more slope related tips and photos. We also have a slope-related disaster prevention checklist that might be useful to you.

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