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Maverick Ran
Sparkling ideas of creativity! However, I'm just worried that some of these technologies may spoil the fun of traditional gardening. Though such inventions facilitate the process of management of our plants, not everyone I believe will actually go for them.
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Maverick, traditional gardening is fun and rewarding, completely agree! I think with a little bit more time and resources (and right location) everyone would love to grow their own garden from scratch. These days, there are too many of us that don't have any time, space or know how but with these nifty new solutions everyone can get some fresh crops easily without getting their hands dirty. Love this, this is my favourite ideabook!
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Andy Wright

Thanks for including the Windowfarm. Certainly a cool concept and I was unaware of this brand of hydroponic towers

The floating garden concept is also a great idea of apartments. Aquaponics teaches the symbiotic relationship between plants and fish. Fish waste produces ammonia, which in turn produces nitrates for plant's nutritional needs. Water is recirculated throughout the system and plants naturally filter the water. Great educational tool and it also produces edible food in the process. What more could you want.

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