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Designer Interiors
Great advice!! Thank you!
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Gotta say that any "how to" instruction that opens with a shot of someone's legs on the walls kind of kills my interest in the rest of the article.

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Durham Designs & Consulting, LLC

Trend following doesn't typically produce the best results and stern commitment isn't very interesting. I've studied so many photography shots and will scroll quickly past a room that does not emit soft warm, enhancing glow. Lighting can make or break a room and it is often an after thought with designers and homeowners. I emphasize the importance early in my design process with my clients and insist budgeting appropriately.

I don't like to showcase design work or photography that doesn't have some sense of timelessness either. Certain trends may be introduced in small or large ways but I always caution to chose carefully and to invest in items that will easily work with future trends as well as the classics.

Design constantly borrows from the past as noted by the resurgence of Mid- Century homes, furniture, art, lighting and accessories. Architecturally, these homes often have small rectangular windows in old, established neighborhoods filled with overgrown trees, paneled wood walls, and dark, gloomy interiors. Modification may or may to be permitted so emphasize lighting for task, mood and redeeming features. Proudly, show these efforts in your photos!

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