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Wow! This had the potential to be an absolute disaster, but with confidence this proves you can pull off anything! Gorgeous.
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The Jessica Helgerson interior is brilliant. Breathtaking. And I love the Benjamin Dhong entrance, too. So sorry I haven't read all the comments above, time being limited, but you know, chiaroscuro isn't just high contrast. It's about controlling the transition of high contrast. (Not that the black and white images aren't stunning.) How much, what, how much graduation do you need ... above all, it's about the light.Thank you for this piece.

By the way, did you know that it's been determined that the Girl with the Pearl Earring isn't wearing a pearl earring? That title was given well after it was painted. After cleaning, when one looked closely, it was clearly a gold earring. Doesn't that one upset one's little applecart? Still, and always, one of my favourite great works of art.
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Katbv Vero
I have new kitchen cabinets coming in. Cocoa brown pantry cabinet with cocoa brown cabinet above ss fridge. Then it will start to be classic white cabs on top and cocoa brown lowers. The crown molding is the classic brown with the trim strip being the classic white. I am nervous about it, should I be?
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