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Great article! We recently relocated from CA to TX due to a job transfer and to get out of CA. Love, love, love it here. The people are so friendly, gas is at least $1.50 cheaper a gallon, and there's a respect for one another that was rarely present in CA (I've lived in other states too). We are renting for six months to find the right neighborhood for us, with schools and the like. Many move and buy right away, without taking the time to do their homework. Thanks for the checklist :D

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Good article -- would suggest exploring the "Newcomer" groups/"Welcome Wagon" -- providing social interactions for people new to the community. I have found that having a finite time frame for active membership usually means that the community is VERY welcoming to newcomers, and having active members without a time frame will usually mean the only social contact will generally be with other newcomers.

In 2010 moved from Philadelphia's Main Line to Dallas -- actually attended high school and college in Dallas, began my career in Washington DC for 10 years, took a 2 year break in Kalamazoo MI, returned to Dallas for 10 years for a unique career opportunity and started my own business, able to telecommute and enjoy my parent's retirement in Tucson (my Dad's idea) for a few years until my Dad passed away. Had my mother spend several weeks in several cities to determine her favorite -- Philadelphia suburbs!

For me, Philadelphia has everything -- location, people, activities, 4 beautiful seasons ... SPECTACULAR place to live except for a horrible realtor which resulted in an HOA not maintaining the property.

The coldness of Dallas (this is the second time I've returned to Dallas, each time is chillier than the previous!) -- I would move back to the condo ... black mold, 1970s electrical and galvanized water pipes!

When you have Philadelphia friends, you have lifetime friends!

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Honestly Dallas is not the friendliest city. I've found the residents of Arlington and Fort Worth to be really friendly.

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