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Hi All, Id love to plant an apricot tree but havn't the slightest idea - can they be planted from the pit or cutting?

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Can I grow apricot in Nigeria.

And which specie will grow well in Nigeria.

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I got this info off the net with a whole lot of tips - hope it helps:

How to Grow Apricots From Seeds

Written by S. McMullen; Updated March 15, 2018


Apricot trees take two to five years to bear fruit, and most
are self-pollinating, which means you only need one tree.


Purchase a commercial germinating mix, or make your own mix
using one part moist sphagnum peat moss, one part sharp sand, and one part
perlite or vermiculite.


Put moist germinating mix in a plastic, self-locking bag
until the bag is one-half to two-thirds full.


Cut a fresh apricot in half with a sharp kitchen knife by
cutting from the stem end toward the blossom end on opposite sides, splitting
the fruit in half.


Wash the apricot seed to remove pulp.


Bury the seed in the germinating mix in the plastic bag. Put
the bag in the refrigerator to cold stratify the seed for three to four weeks.


Remove the bag of germinating mix with the stratified seed
from the refrigerator and take the seed out of the mix. Rinse the seed in clear


Crack the hard outer shell of the apricot pit lightly with a
nutcracker. Do not crush the shell, as the kernel inside the hard seed coat can
be damaged if too much force is applied to the shell.


Fill a 6-inch diameter flower pot to within 1 to 1 1/2
inches of the top with moist germinating mix.


Push the cracked seed into the potting mixture 1 inch deep.
Water the pot until water runs out the bottom. Allow the pot to drain for
approximately one hour.


Cover the pot with transparent plastic film to conserve
moisture. Place the pot in a warm location with strong light, such as near a
window, but not in sunlight while the plastic is in place.


Keep the germinating mix moist, but not wet, until the seed
sprouts. Remove the plastic film and gradually move the sprouting seed to
strong light, such as a sunny south-facing window.


Pot in a larger size container after the roots fill the pot,
but before they begin to wrap around the inside edges of the pot. Use
commercial potting mix with a pH range of 6.0 to 6.5 or make your own mix using
coarse sphagnum peat moss, sterilized topsoil, sand, and vermiculite or
perlite, in equal proportions. If you make your own mix, soil test it and
adjust the pH level with the addition of lime to raise the pH, or use sulfur to
increase the acidity, as indicated by test results.

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