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Dot Mersfelder
i want to decorate with matte black things like barn door hardware and decorative items. I am having a hard time finding a shower head in matte black that I like. Is it okay to chose say a brushed nickel finish for sink/tub faucets and cabinet door handles/hinges but have black matte decorative items? Thanks
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Change Your Bathroom, Inc.

Dot Mersfelder It's ok to mix finishes, if you are looking for shower heads in black, Brizo has some nice fixtures in matte black. Here is a project that we completed with matte black fixtures: Warm Walnut Project

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Kevin Noble

Don't believe "Lifetime Warranty". Check the fine print.

Many times after 5-10 years a product design is dropped and at best you will have to choose another design but may not find that "special look" you had with your original purchase.

Keep your receipts!!! Somehow I lost my receipt for a Moen faucet and when it failed after 10 years (plastic ring that holds the swivel stripped) I couldn't get it fixed. They also had quit making that style so I ended up paying for another new faucet.

If you look at the fine print on tubes of caulking that claim 30 or 50 years guarantee you will see they not only demand you keep your receipts but also keep the EMPTY tubes of caulking to ship to them for your refund.

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