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I'd like a single large rectangle sink (but not a trough) with two fixtures, because counter space is important to me, but all pre-made 72" vanities have false drawers for double sinks to contend with. Still looking...

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We are about to embark on our ensuite reno. Hands down, 1 sink only! DH now brushes his teeth in shower, so no messy sink. And he's good at keeping it clean from whiskers. We rarely are in the bathroom at the same time even on same schedule. I do the cleaning so less is better!!!! Space has to he functional for your life not some future buyer. I would advise though to keep universal design in mind when renovating.. you just never know what curve ball life will throw your way and then wish you had put in those grab bars, accessible vanity/shower or thought about design and how much space are needed for walkers/crutches/wheelchairs and a helper. Here's a helpful article although there are many out there:
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One sink for us on our recent remodel. I love the counter space and there’s no need for us to both use the sink at one time. I can easily get ready while my husband shaves for work!
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