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ebea -- Do not fear the leaves! Simply mow them in place on all lawn areas, running over them twice if you need to in order to chop them into small pieces. This is super easy with a riding mower! The leaf crumbs will filter down into the grass and add some organic material to the soil. As long as they are active, earthworms will be glad to help.

In woodland areas, just leave the leaves alone -- nature's blanket and a refuge for the small critters, bugs and such. These strategies get you down to just clearing paths, driveways, etc. Rake the leaves onto a tarp, cart them to an out-of-the-way spot and capture them with some wire fencing. By spring you'll have this desirable soil additive called leaf mold. Don't hate fall!

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Martín Gaitán
why this is recommended to me?, it's middle of the spring in my hemisfere. you should work on this because what I understand is "this app is not for you".
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Fall is a great time to do a soil test. You can amend your soil now to have it ready for spring planting.
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